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Blaenavon: A tour in pictures

“We went on a 6 week tour this Autumn, and I took a camera with me. There are some lovely pictures of some lovely people here, so I hope you have a lovely time looking at them.” – Frank, Blaenavon


1 – This is Harris McMillan – you’ll be seeing a lot of him. His beats are so big that he sweats himself sodden at every gig, as you can see in this post-show snap. Cheeky potato. 




2 – And this is frontman Benjamin Gregory, performing a move he likes to call ‘The David Beckon’. Beware of the DB.





3 – Rich Burt (pictured) came on tour with us too – he drove the van, engineered the sounds, handled the tour managing, woke us up etc. The man is a breathing living legend, his presence made every day wonderful.




4 – This was on day 1 of tour – we woke up ridiculously early to get a ferry to Ireland to play Electric Picnic festival. This salty sea-dog fucking loves ships so he was rippling with excitement to be at sea.





5 – A sunny morning in Manchester – we had just stayed at Tom McClung’s house (see next picture…), so spirits were at an all time high.




6 – Tom McClung! My favourite person in the world, and this picture shows exactly how he looks in my brain all the time. For weeks leading up to the first Manchester show I was just dreaming about how great it was gonna be to see him. He makes music under the name ‘Francis Lung’ by the way, and it’s fucking excellent.




7 – Rich loves taking us on a school trip. After playing in Glasgow we detoured via the tiny Scottish village of Linlithgow and checked out Linlithgow Palace. 7/10 would recommend! Other school trips from this tour include Sherwood Forest.




8 – This is in the church right next to the Palace. We are big fans of churches, especially all the stained glass.




9 – Another little school trip – this one to the Arboretum in Nottingham, beautiful gardens. Here, Harris is looking down the barrel of a cannon.




10 – Days off should really be restful but they always end up the heaviest. You just drink all day. One day off in London ended with a final naughty pint at that timeless haunt – The Haggerston. We got outside and this friend was there! Herc (short for Hercules, should really be spelt Iraklis) was the bassist in Beach Baby before leaving to become a doctor.




11 – Late night jams at Tom McClung’s house.




12 – Classic tourist shot of The Lenient Tower of Manchester.




13 – Rich, thinking about Less Than Jake.




14 – Over the shoulder pissing shot.




15 – Callum Tikly! Biggest and best smile in London. He was our tour manager a couple of tours ago, and has remained our drinking companion and brother.



16 – Brad Lennard of the Hartlepool rock band PLAZA, shot outside a Newcastle Wetherspoons. A very good looking chap.



17 – That’s me on the right – wearing my deadliest t-shirt. I can’t remember who that is on the left but I really like him.



18 – Rich and Harris thinking about loading in. It’s inevitable, but also very tempting to consider bunning it off.



19 – Another one from the Arboretum in Nottingham. Harris loves all this bullshit!



20 – My boys looking fucka cool B-)



21 – I’m so in love my baby.



22 – This is Nancy in Glasgow, she’s a dream and she knits like kno other. Blaenavon AW17 knitwear collection being announced soon.




23 – In Brighton we went for a dip before playing with DIIV. They say you must never go in the sea, but trust me – there’s just, so many benefits.




24 – The only shot of us all together! ‘Still feelin tour?’ – Fucka yeah bois!!




25 – Sleep well, sweet baby. ‘Til next tour xxx



Words by Niall Flynn

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