Born Stranger offer another slice of poignant pop

Christian Graham /
Sep 27, 2017 / Music

Born Stranger are a duo that deliver songs with clear electronic pop sheen and punching lyrical attitude.

It seems that shock and awe is what they do politely. Putting their dark, brooding image behind, Born Stranger is the creative collision of glimmering songwriter/producers that forward powerful house beats with a slick arsenal of pop hooks.

‘This Is My Life’ is the group’s latest effort that appears with an electro-pop exterior and relatable lyricism that anyone can get behind. The song is a statement about self-identity, about not falling into the trap of living how the media tells you too.

Born Stranger comes forward once again with purposeful lyrics and a radiant combination of house production styles. Poignant pop music has never glowed quite so brightly as this.

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Words by Christian Graham

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