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The Britanys deliver a blinding set that proves that they’re rockstars

Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York is packed to brim with music lovers.

Brooklyn natives, The Britanys are about to take the stage for their set at Skater’s ROCK and ROLL Bye Bye LP release show. When guitarist, Jake, drummer, Steele, bassist, Lucas Carpenter and singer/guitarist, Lucas Long, take the stage it’s as if every era of rock has entered the room.

Their dress sense may differ drastically, but when they all come together, they create music that will outlive them. The Britanys play tunes from era-less time, it’s rock music through and through and people of all ages can appreciate what they’re creating.

Their set is filled with old favourites such as ‘Basketholder’ and ‘City Boys’, and newer favourites like ‘In Yer Time’. But they also surprised the crowd with some newer songs, which included a portion of the set where the guys switched things up. Steele took on Lucas’ guitar, Lucas transformed into frontman extraordinaire and only sang, and Jake dropped his guitar for an electronic piano, only Lucas C remained on his original instrument, the bass. The crowd responded amazingly to the switch up in the set, and everyone in the venue could tell that the lads were very relieved when they got such positive feedback. When they swapped back to their original instruments, the rest of the set was high energy, from both the crowd and the band.

The last song is always one of the highlights of a The Britanys show, they spend the last part of the the set just jamming out on their instruments, falling to the floor, and just acting like quintessential rockstars. We’re certain that The Britanys are going to become a household name in the not too distant future, and as their set concludes it seems as though the crowd is certain of that as well.

We got a chance to chat with Steele a few days post show to talk about the Brooklyn boys recent visit to the UK, their best tour memories and what their future plans for the band are. We had to find out why they did the instrument switch up, as it had been playing on our mind since it happened. The Britanys have been pushing the boundaries with their music for the past couple of months in the privacy of their own home. They wanted to try something different out with their songwriting, and create something more introspective and bare, explains Steele. “I’ve been playing guitar a lot more recently, and I always joke that I’m going to quit the drums and just become an extra guitar player for the group. So this let’s me do just that.” With all of this experimenting it only makes sense that the guys would be moving forward with recording a full length album, but all we’re told is that it will come in the not too distant future.

They recently ventured over to London for the first time as a band, playing four smaller, but pretty well known, venues; Old Blue Last, Birthdays, The Lexington and The Victoria. The response to them from music lovers of London was more than The Britanys could’ve hoped for. They took a redeye flight out of New York to London, and played a show to a packed and lively room their first night in London.

“We were lucky enough to have a full room for most of the other shows too and people were really receptive!” Steele tells us. The fact that when The Britanys leave the five boroughs of New York City people know who they are is a lot for the guys to wrap their heads around. Playing gigs in England to rooms full of people who would come up and shake their hands after a set is something they still can’t believe happened. They have a chat on their website where people from all over the world can communicate with the band. “The internet is a powerful tool, we have people writing us from places like South Africa and the Netherlands.”

The future of The Britanys is bright and the world is their oyster. They’re growing as a band and as people and they’re ready to take the world by a storm. We’re told that they’re planning to tour in the late summer or the fall, but that tour won’t be leaving The States. So if you live in America, be sure to keep an eye out for The Britanys coming to a venue near you soon. For the rest of the world, they just shot a music video with their friend, Hans Neumann, that will be out pretty soon.


words and images by Sara Feigin, see more

Words by Sara Feigin

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