Brockhampton are back with ‘Iridescence’

Catarina Ramalho /
Sep 25, 2018 / Music

Last year, while still hot of the fumes of their back-to-back release Saturation’s I to III, Brockhampton announced that their fourth studio album would be titled ‘Team Effort’.

However, due to a string of less fortunate occurrences that led to changes to the core group, the first instalment of the band’s ‘The Best Years of our Lives’ trilogy, materialised, last week, as ‘Iridescence‘. The 15-song studio album it is said to have been recorded over a period of ten days in the British capital, at the historic Abbey Road studios, during their back to back sold out gigs at KOKO, and performances at Reading and Leads festivals this August.

Their latest singles “Don’t Get Famous,”, “1997 DIANA” and “1998 TRUMAN” are not part of the album, but Britain’s influence definitively rubbed in this project. You can hear the accelerated pace of grime grittiest cadence in “Where the Cash at”, and shots to the national broadcaster BBC on “Fabric”. Other highlights include “New Orleans” an ode to yesteryears gangsta rap featuring Jaden Smith, Kevin’s blood-clogging confessional verse opening on “Tonya”, the monumental chorus in “San Marcos”.

Premiering their new documentary ‘The longest Summer in America’ in sunny LA, sharing a new single J’ouvert (and the trippy new visuals for it) last week, the group is now gearing up for their new American tour. If you having craving for a bit more of Brockhampton in your life, I suggest you tune into their Beats 1 radio show ‘Things we lost in the fire’.  Stream J’Ouvert below.

Words by Catarina Ramalho

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