Call Me Loop is the superstar you’ve been missing all along

James Hawkridge /
Jun 13, 2018 / Music

“Good vibes only today” is so current and on trend that it’s the kind of line you’d expect to see plastered over pearlescent jackets and glittery phone cases at festivals all through the summer; it’s relatable, memorable, and speaks the essence of our growing attitude towards the climate of our culture. Fuck being sad, let’s just enjoy ourselves while we can, yeah?

It’s also a line from the pre-chorus of a song called Love The Lie, by Georgia Buchanan… haven’t heard of her? How about an artist called Call Me Loop (formerly known as ‘Loop’)? Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, just count yourself lucky that you’re reading this. For the last year and a bit Georgia has been releasing music under the pseudonym Call Me Loop, leaving a trail of notorious underground bangers, somehow evading stardom.

Love The Lie is the latest single after equally addictive Give ’N’ Take earlier this year; both pumped hits bordering on EDM and centred around the breakdown of relationships, best served with a cool cocktail and a dance floor to body roll yourself along to your girls with. We’ll come back to Give ’N’ Take, but the first thing you need to do once you’ve finished this is to blast LTL and you’ll be hooked; it’s one part Zara Larsson and one part Purpose-era Justin Bieber, only even more summery, somehow, and a bit more dirty, sweaty. As Nadine Coyle would say, I’m in-in-insatiable. It should be the soundtrack to this years’ Love Island, and you can @me on that (@jayhawkridge, for reference).

Anyway, this banger popped up on Best Of The Week and I couldn’t help but slide into her emails… after our exchange one thing was even more clearer; popstars can be made, but superstars are born. And Call Me Loop has been a superstar-in-waiting for too long. It’s time we all caught up on the hype.

‘My music is so autobiographical and personal,’ Loop begins, ‘probably a bit too much sometimes. I often play my friends demos the week I write them and they’ll be like ‘nahh you can’t put this out, it’s way too specific and obvious who/what it’s about!’. But that’s the only way I can write to be honest; that’s why I write my best songs when I’m sad/pissed off/heartbroken etc’. And the lyrics of Loops’ tracks are overwhelmingly honest, intensely so that are certain parts you just want to grab a blanket and hide her in it. While all certified bops that are perfect for pre playlists, the songs released so far scream pain, heartache and a girl pushed to her limits. Which is precisely what makes them so good; we can find pieces of ourselves in every one of them.

And grafting with writers and producers is one trade secret to unlocking the beauty behind the baring of her emotions so delicately. ‘It’s a super cathartic experience putting your emotions into songs; studio sessions are honestly like therapy sessions. You get into a room, often with a stranger, and you just start offloading on them about all the shit that’s going on in your head and then they help you turn it into something beautiful/fun and you can just get everything off your chest in the most creative way’.

‘I’ll listen back through singles or demos from different times in my life and immediately I’m like ‘ahh yeah that’s when i was going through this’ and it’s amazing how it can take you right back to that moment in your life. It’s like an audio diary!’. Everyone who keeps a journal knows the raw and uninhibited content that can stream from the pen to the paper, and how you can start writing about your day and finish with an exposé of a long-neglected personal struggle that has decided to rear itself. When it comes to Loop’s writing, nobody is safe from analysis; not even herself.

I ask her about the impeccably dark and magical hit Losing My Mind, taken from 2017 debut EP Call Me Loop. Soft, glittery and yet with the sting of a fresh wound, the words take aim at a lover who is taking another for granted; with blows like ‘do you not think that you provoke it?/ You’re really fucking with my patience”, Loop is coming for blood. And the gag of the interview? The head she’s ordering to be chopped off… is her own. ‘Are you ready for a plot twist…? I wrote this song from the other person’s point of view, as if I was talking to myself. I was the flirtatious one fucking with their patience!’. Songwriting is like therapy, eh? I’ll say.

It’s Give ’N’ Take that expertly captures this so eloquently, throwing shade left, right and centre at a lover whose romantic compass seems to be a little misguided. An instant uplifting melody with a subtle sigh of disappointment hiding between the lines, the song builds and builds to a chorus you’ll be casually turning up to full volume on the commute home with your partner when you’re fighting about something silly; whoops. Hey, it happens. ‘Not asking for much/but if you want this love/you gotta give some variation/baby just use your imagination’ is the sultry beg that dares for affection, challenging the bar to be raised. Love is simple, just throw a bit of effort into it. All lovers that feel a little jilted want is a kiss in the morning, returned back rubs, and a series of heart emoji’s every time we post an insta pic. As a post I read on Tumblr puts it, ‘sometimes a bitch just wants a love letter, you know?’.

It’s been a journey of soul searching for Loop outside of the studio, too. In a recent piece penned for another institution, she has been figuring her heart out, describing her own war with anxiety and nerves that accompany most, if not all of us. Offering heartfelt advice and again, showcasing bravery and integrity with every letter, it has become clear there’s far more to this lady than a catchy chorus. ‘I was asked to write this feature piece, which I was told could be on absolutely anything, and I was really struggling to think of what I wanted to write about for a few weeks. And then one morning I just sat down at my laptop and it just all kinda poured out… the anxiety thing is something I’ve only really come to realise in the last 18 months or so, and I’ve not really spoken to many people about, so it felt quite therapeutic to write about’. And fans aren’t just listening and reading; they’re talking back.

‘Yeah, I have had a lot more messages from listeners in recent months actually – especially in response to Give ’N’ Take – mostly just to say how relatable it is, but also sometimes to ask for advice, on relationships or on how to make it in the music industry – all of which I love replying to. I am by no means an agony aunt, and even when I can dish out good advice I can very rarely ever take my own!! But it is nice to know that people are taking comfort or inspiration from my songs’.

Providing us with such relatable quotes as ‘my most real reason for needing a boyfriend is to put my newly washed bed sheets on for me’ (I am a boyfriend who puts the bed sheets on, so I know the importance of this), Loop’s twitter account (@callmeloop, btw) is the place to be for the real Love Island questions (‘How are they so tanned already?’), Champions League outbursts and notes of admiration to new fans flocking to her like us all chasing the sun to ‘beefa this year. In her Likes you’ll find review after review from fan and publication alike, all succumbing to the realisation that they’ve slept for too long on someone who, when it comes to it, should already have been to a city near you. Although, it’s time to get your diaries out…

‘I used to imagine myself performing at Wembley and Madison Square Garden and being as big as Britney, but to actually be starting to gain some traction in real life is a pretty special feeling’. A festival run has already begun, with Loop performing solid shows at indie gigs such as The Great Escape Festival and her own headline show in London earlier this month, 2018’s going to be taking her to El Dorado, Neverworld and Belfast Vital to drop a few names. My question, of course, is will she have more tunes to back up this impressive sprint?

‘Many more bangers to come, I promise. I’ll be putting out another single towards the end of summer and then an EP around October time, which I can’t wait for. It’s nice to be able to put out a body of work with a concept and a bit of a storyline around it, rather than doing releases on a song by song basis. It’s a very female-empowering collection of songs too so i’m super excited to put it out’. Not sure if I can wait that long, but if anything, we cant take comfort in the fact that it’ll be worth it.

The vibe for the second half to the year? ‘Hell yes!’. Thoughts on Charli xcx? ‘I would looove to write with her. She’s a pop-writing machine’. Something you didn’t know you needed to? ‘I hate wobbly things? Like jelly… and panna cotta… get that shit away from me’. The song of the summer for Loop? ‘I was walking along in the sun the other day and Falling by Snakehips x Malika came on on shuffle on my phone and oh my god, that song got me in the MOOD’.

More music is something I’ll be poised for every week until it drops, but for now I can rest knowing that everything Georgia has given us so far is her best so far; glorious pop music that is, especially in regards to this years’ hits, instantly timeless. She has the online world getting heatstroke every time she posts a pic or tweets about an upcoming project; Summer may only last a few months, but Call Me Loop is here to stay. She’s fed up of fuckbois, fumbling for the right way to say ‘fuck you’, but has firmly found her feet. If you find yourself in her path, beware, because there’s probably a middle finger coming your way. It’s all banter, though…

Oh, one last thing. What to do when you find yourself mugged off? ‘Well it depends… if they’re enjoying their fuckboi and it’s on their terms and they’re in control of the situation then all the power to you hunny. But if he’s got the reigns and he’s taking you for a ride and you’re getting hurt then fuck that fuckboi off IMMEDIATELY. Only ever be with someone who makes you feel good. The minute you realise you’re feeling insecure or small or shitty then take that power back and get the fuck out of there’.

2018, Good Vibes Only. *Mic Drop*.

Words by James Hawkridge

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