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Cash + David’s ‘When You’re Lonely’ belongs in the Tate Modern

Who, exactly, do you think you are? Are you the same person in public as you are when you’re alone? Cash + David’s latest release, “When You’re Lonely”, from their EP “Side I” explores themes of individual duality and androgyny in the most haunting of ways.

A pale figure tears through the jaw-dropping expanse of California’s Death Valley in slow motion; the cadence of his steps evokes Neil Armstrong’s giant leap for mankind but he wears no suit. We see a strange veiled feminine figure dancing in the distance, twisting in the wind; an unearthly composite of bride and warrior queen. As they draw closer a force seems to bind them together and, when they finally meet, an intimate embrace of movement and momentum brings revelation.

Cash + David’s soundtrack to the thought provoking visuals combines elements of trip-hop, alternative RnB, hyperdub and eighties pop music to create futuristic pop music reminiscent of The xx. Their new EP “Side I” and its soon to be released counterpart “Side II” are an exploration deep into the duality of the artist’s psyche, into the very essence of masculinity and femininity. Start the journey here.


Words by David Sealey

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