Charli XCX’s new track is the sound to your afterparty

George Griffiths /
May 31, 2018 / Music

‘5 in the morning’ is the hazy bop to listen to when the sun is rising but the party’s still going

Pop innovator and all around excxllent person Charli XCX has just dropped a surprise track onto the internet, no questions asked.

‘5 in the Morning’ was first performed live by Charli a few weeks ago (she’s currently supporting Taylor Swift on tour, which is a bit depressing when you think that, by now, Charli XCX herself should be selling out arenas but that’s a conversation for another time) and it’s fair to say the song ignited a passionate vitriol from fans online, hungry for the studio version.

And today, that’s exactly what they got, with the song being released to streaming services with nary a word of warning.

Produced by the Invisible Men, the single is a move away from Charli’s more outer offerings on her most recent mixcxtape Pop 2, but still sees Charlotte Aitchenson firmly in control of the music she’s making.

It’s not the pop music the general public necessarily want (and really, they don’t know what’s good for them), but it’s the type of pop music Charli XCX is now making, so who are we to complain?

There’s actually a lot to love here – the hazy yet opulent production, which shimmers like your senses after a particularly heavy session and Charli’s vocal performance is gravely and understated, melting out of the speakers like smoke in a rave.

There’s no indication yet whether this song is the lead-in to Charli’s now almost mythical third album (or maybe even another mixtape?) but at this point, it’s good to just have her around.

Whether she’s force-releasing mixtapes that challenge what kind of music a pop star can make today, or even tagging her label in an Insta post to let them know she’s releasing new music, Charli XCX is now fully in-control of her music, and its a genuine pleasure to see.

Listen to ‘5 In the Morning’ below.

If you see Charli on tour with Taylor Swift, tell her from us to release No Angel next please:

Words by George Griffiths

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