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Cheap Monday launch the latest edition of their C/O Collection

Cheap Monday launch the latest edition of their C/O Collection – Repurposed workwear.

For this collection, the brand highlights unexplored sources to create new items through upcycling workwear. They are shifting the context from business to pleasure, from about to be thrown out to being thrown on, from hi-vis to high-fashion.

Saving on virgin materials, eliminating climate emissions, plus water and chemical usage – the collection features jackets, work chinos, tees and sweats all made from discarded workwear items. The used pieces of clothing provide the highly sought after patched-up, discoloured and armpit hole looks many strive for.

Creative Director of Cheap Monday, Carl Malmgren, said: “I think it’s something kind of backwards, you want to design a t-shirt, start with virgin material, put a t-shirt together and then you wash it to make it look old. And in some industries, there are tons of worn out t-shirts just being thrown away every day.”

“I think that we need to change our way of thinking, and we need to change our mindset, when it comes to manufacturing clothes. C/O is basically a sustainability lab where we try to find new ways of working in a more sustainable way with fashion.”

Working on the project with Re:Textile, which focuses on developing structures for circular processes and redesign in the textile industry, the two companies are moving forward to achieve their goal of using fewer resources and lessening their production of waste.

The Cheap Monday capsule collection is available in Urban Outfitters now, and to support the release, the brand released a short documentary following Carl Malmgren to offer a first-hand insight into the entire collection process.

Watch it below:

Words by Eliza Frost

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