Conan Gray is one to watch

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Sep 11, 2017 / Music

This one’s a hidden gem. But not for long.

He’s one of the most authentic artists on the scene right now, and if not already, his name is about get engraved into your mind for good.

The eighteen year old singer-songwriter was born and raised in San Diego, California, but his childhood was far from the American dream. Though inundated with love and irreplaceable memories, his earliest years were complex and mercurial. Leaving everything and everyone he’d ever known behind became second nature.

Conan began making videos on YouTube in fourth grade (age 9-10). his channel would remain the only constant amongst the chaos, alongside his other coping mechanisms such as drawing and singing, which are two other things he is annoyingly amazing at.

But the boy hiding behind his innovative yet undiscovered YouTube channel is gone – now he’s busy blossoming into an artist with unmissable flair and feeling. But don’t bother telling him that. He won’t believe you for a second.

In fact, Conan is so sincerely humble, that it took begs from fans to eventually convince him to put his first official single on Spotify and iTunes, as he didn’t think it was nearly as good enough for that. It is, that song is playing in heaven, I tell you.

The easy, breezy, high school anthem, ‘Idle Town’, took off immediately after he released it on YouTube earlier this year, along with a self-filmed music video, saturated with nostalgia. His voice is a breath of fresh air , and uniting it with his innovative instrumentals creates an indescribable blend. His music is an essential ingredient for anxiety relief, but not in any circumstances does that mean you can get away with not dancing to it.

Nice try.

Lost in the overflowing level of budding creators trying to make it big, channels with such original content  are few and far between. I find myself wading through diss tracks and reaction videos to diss tracks and vlogs about making comeback diss tracks – someone please save me from the diss tracks… But don’t worry, Conan’s channel is a clickbait (and diss track) free zone!

His content is super diverse. It can’t be trapped in a box. Maybe it’s a guide to thrift shopping like a pro. Or an exclusive tour of his art portfolio. Or an unscripted vlog about getting uni results. But whatever it is, it will be the physical embodiment of perfection. I kid you not. I cannot find a single flaw in them. The boy is one of a kind. Even his hair is flawless.

He could film himself watching TV and it would be interesting, because he’s passionate. People love what other people are passionate about. The problem is, passion isn’t a priority for everyone.

Luckily for us, it is for Conan.

For all you sceptics out there, I’ll tell you this now. The glass is not half empty, and Conan Gray is not a wannabe Troye Sivan.

After the intense success from his first official single leaving us all wanting more, he released breeze-fest number two grow on September 2nd. just in time to say goodbye to the dreamy haze of summer. Along with this he also dropped an equally nostalgic video of course, in which he sports a blood red cape paired with a baby blue bomber from the school of his dreams – UCLA. Filmed and co-edited by him and his friend Ashley, it’s a tribute to his friends that he’ll be leaving behind when he attends said dream school. The video hits home.

This was a major breakthrough for establishing Conan’s sound. He went from a mellow lullaby laced with harmonies, to a bop with a beat drop.  Unlike Idle Town, Grow was professionally produced, and therefore it’s much more structured and polished. It’s immediately clear that he’s had a confidence boost in making music.

Working with music producers is essential in order to be taken more seriously as an artist. But for inexperienced singer-songwriters, it can put their originality at risk. Yet, somehow, Conan Gray  manages to pursue that nostalgic, retro vibe that has become iconic for his fans.

Is he even real?

Whatever Conan Gray’s secret is ,introducing a producer was a massive step in the right direction, and a sign that he’s on the road to an incredible music career. His channel is currently at almost 500,000 subscribers, and this is only the beginning.

Conan Gray is one to watch, and I’d tune in, if I were you.

Words by Rosie Moore

Words by HQ

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