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Conflict of Ego on the importance of unapologetic femininity

Conflict of Ego’s founder and director, Alanna Wain, encourages you to develop the art of being yourself in a raw and poignant way.

Previously described as part-fashion label, part-installation, this UK fashion brand is the visual narrative of the 21st century woman who wants to ‘seen and remembered’. “I’m inspired by anybody that’s trying to do something or say something that goes against the grain a little bit, she explains. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I am massively political, but I do have an opinion on things. There’s so much going on around us that people just don’t talk about it.”

Voicing her interpretation of current social and political movements through the seams of her collections, Alanna wishes to address taboo issues in a puzzling, engaging way, with a view to promote dialogue. The label’s unconventional designs fuse discordant elements into a sophisticated stylistic whole: from delicate silks to sporty jerseys, each collection has a carefully curated colour scheme that helps punctuate the theme explored. Whether it is a high-waist cut out jogger or a high-split detailing on a silk dress, all designs are firmly grounded in the celebration of the female silhouette. (“I wanted something that’s different but wearable, that would still make me feel attractive and sexy. I’m still a woman!”)

The penetrative slogans embody the topic explored in the collection’s design. Previous collections saw ‘STAY BRUTAL’, ‘WELL FED’, and: ‘I MEANT EVERYTHING I SAID WHEN I WAS WITH MY PERIOD’. “Different people can come up with different meanings for the same thing,” she notes. “When we make something I like it to work kind of like a double edge sword.

Referring to her ‘Well Fed’ hoodie (taken from the pre-fall collection), Alanna notes how she unpacked the different interpretations of the two English words: “It could be seen from the food kind of view, but it could also be taken from the feed your ego from the positive stand. To self-love and believing in yourself as an individual and not having to change yourself to and who you are to conform and be just like everybody else.

Since launching in July 2016, the brand is rapidly gaining recognition within both UK Fashion and music sphere, receiving support by strong industry figures such us Ella Eyre, Dua Lipa and Julie Adenuga.

It is the ability of being so in tune with her vision of the world that led her to collaborate with like minded-people. For instance, feminist Art Curator Alexa Piqué, has helped to designed a three piece collection promoting self-love and female empowerment for her AW17.

After seeing a snippet of the fabrics for the forthcoming spring collection on an Instagram story I couldn’t refrain from asking what would be the theme for the collection. “People try to fake their lives over social media, and that’s what’s the next collection is about”, , she pauses. “There are ornate patterns and a lot of gold contrasted with image’s of the Virgin Mary, which historically represents love, and purity.”

Social media has provided so many opportunities for people. So you cant really be negative about it. Even for us as a brand, it has opened so many opportunities and connections. People keep moving, my opinion on something might be different tomorrow, because I’ve met someone that educated me or opened my mind into thinking differently about things. That’s what’s Conflict is about really. The ever-evolving people.

UK R&B Singer-songwriter Daisy Maybe will be joining Conflict of Ego for a intimate celebration of when art meets music on the Thursday 31st of August. The brand will be hosting their independent pop-up store at Mornington Lane in Hackney from the 28th of August to the 3rd of September.

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