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10 Countries You Should Totally Visit in 2017

Selecting the top 10 destinations to visit in 2017 was difficult.

There are too many beautiful countries, cities, hillsides and recluse destinations to choose from. The following destinations are some that have been on my mind for quite a while – so I thought I’d share them as my hot tips. Some of these are slowly becoming tourist ’hotspots’, so make sure to visit soon!




Satiated in the Middle East, Jordan is known for its beautiful ancient monuments, natural reserves and its extravagant seaside resorts. It is truly the ideal destination for adventure junkies and outdoor enthusiasts. After five long years of hard work the Jordan Trail which runs from one end of the country to the other has recently been completed. To complete the entire trial, it takes around 36 days, but fear not, if you don’t have that much time to spare then there are shorter trials to choose from lasting up to a week, this will be plenty of time to discover some of the most beautiful and scenic parts of the Jordan.


Ever since ties between the United States and Cuba have ameliorated the country has seen a boom in tourism- Americans, Spanish and British made Cuba their top destination in 2016. Cuba is a vibrant and history-rich country, so if you enjoy culturally packed holidays, this will be an ideal destination to head to for a week. Havana, the capital, is a vision from the past so it will be like getting into a time machine and going back to the 1950’s.



Argentina is a country full of beauty, culture, delicious food and good red wine. It is the ultimate destination for anyone and everyone, having a range of interesting and fun holiday destinations to choose from you will be spoiled for choice. However, a top port of call that should not be ignored is Patagonia. Not only does Patagonia stretch into Chile (so you can add another country to your list) but it is magnificently beautiful like a 18th century painting. It is the ultimate destination for nature lovers and trekking devotees.

British Virgin Islands

These islands situated in the Caribbean are part of a volcanic archipelago, surrounded by the clearest and most vibrant turquoise water you have ever seen. It is an idyllic destination for all of you who love hot, beach holidays in remote parts of the world. With a wide variety of dry land and water activities and good food, you most definitely won’t feel bored during your stay.


Germany can sometimes be a forgotten holiday destination in Europe when choosing where to spend your time off. But like many places around the world, it has a multitude of marvellous scenic destinations that will cater to any person. One of the most outstanding and underrated destinations to visit this year would be this little town situated in the Southeast called Bavaria. Not only is it less crowded compared to more popular destinations within Germany but it is also something out of a Disney fairy-tale. For many Bavaria is best known for its castle, sausages, beer and lederhosen- so if you like all the former then make sure to visit this summer.



Ukraine is an unexplored Eastern European destination that deserves more credit than it gets. As it was once formerly controlled by the Soviet Union it has a very interesting and sad story to tell. Many cities and towns still reflect the tough times of the not-so-long-gone communist era but it also oozes out splendorous vibe as a result of overcoming such difficult obstacles. A top destination to keep in mind when booking your trip would be Klevan- mostly known for its ‘tunnel of love’. It is a great place to go with a significant other, especially since Valentine’s day is just around the corner!


Mainland China is full of diversity. Just like the wide-ranging difference in the language you find all around the country you also see a grand variety in culture, food, religion and lifestyles; each town or city will be completely different to the next. Not only is it the perfect destination for foodies but it’s also a perfect for all of you who enjoy a wide-ranging holiday. One of the best destinations to look out for and visit would be Longsheng. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is definitely one of the most beautiful and peaceful places where you can completely immerse yourself in the culture. China’s eclectic nature is what makes it a top destination to visit this year


Oman has been a top destination for the British and Europeans for decades. As it is situated in the Middle East it means that it is hot all year round, so make sure if you don’t visit between May and August as you will encounter highs of 45-50 degrees Celsius. A part from extreme heat Oman is a great alternative to the expensive and overrated Dubai. It has mile-long beaches, beautiful Oasis’s in the deserts and even an UNESCO archaeological site for all history lovers. It will be the perfect Christmas getaway if you like a hot Christmas.



Although the Bahamas is a very well-known holiday destination, it is also one that doesn’t get enough credit or the acknowledgment it deserves. Similarly, to the British Virgin Islands it is also situated in the Caribbean and thus here you shall also witness beautiful crystal clear turquoise water and white sand. The best island to visit in the Bahamas is probably Exuma, mainly due to the wild (but nice) pigs swimming around in the ocean! So, if you like animals, hot weather, nice crystal water and relaxing on a beach 24/7 this a destination made for you.


Romania is another underrated Eastern European gem that must be advertised to the world. It is culturally diverse, the food is delicious and the motherland of Dracula, so if you’re a fan of Bram Stoker’s novel then you must go to the Transylvania region where you can even visit his castle. Whilst you are there, make sure to visit Brasov for its picturesque and colourful scenery. The contrast of the red clay roof tops with the green mountain will make you fall in love with this beautiful country.


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Words by Delfina Rainoldi

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