This is our culture: Amelia Payne

Tanyel Gumushan /
Jul 13, 2017 / Music

Amelia Payne’s unique blend is a game-changer.

Her pop princess anthems, in particular latest single ‘The Battle’ shakes you to the bone. It’s powerful in every sense of the word, from the empowerment of the lyrics to the rhythm that snakes it way into your core and demands that you move. Finished with a glossy kiss and a hip-hop attitude, the track has a rich, Caribbean heart and a sassy Miami bite. You can tell that Amelia has poured all of herself into it.

This is Amelia Payne’s culture.

My Escape

“I think the story behind my EP solely came from the fact that I really wanted to create a body of work that truly showed who I am as an artist. I think this EP really portrays the different sides of my personality and also helps to show the influence that growing up in Barbados and Miami had on my music. I think ‘My Escape’ is quite relatable lyrically as well as you really get a sense of different emotions throughout the tracks. There’s a track on there for everyone! With all that said I named the EP My Escape because at the end of the day music is my main escape from everything and it’s definitely something I can always run to bring me nothing but happiness. I think a lot of people would agree that music is theirs as well. All the time taken to write this EP and every step I took in order to create each sound was a form of escaping from the world and releasing it back into my music.”


“I think the best thing about performing is the way it makes you feel. It’s honestly like being in another world where nothing matters but the music. You don’t have to worry about anything and you get to surround yourself with nothing but the music that literally started form nothing and became 3/4 minutes of you’re thoughts. Overall it’s really a beautiful feeling.”

Barbados to Miami    

“Growing up in Barbados and Miami has definitely influenced my music in many ways and what’s great about this EP is that you can truly hear it. I grew up listening to a lot of hip hop, R&B and pop in Miami and a lot of dancehall/soca/reggae in Barbados. With that said I think my music is a solid blend between R&B/pop with a hint of Caribbean undertones in some of my music. You definitely hear the edginess that Miami has in my music and the mark it left on me. I honestly love the fact that it influenced me to that extent because its helped me to develop and create my sound today.”

Night in/night out?

“I love a night in watching movies etc. but I think I’ll always choose to go out and do something than stay home. I think I’m just someone that enjoys being out and about experiencing new things and meeting new people.”


“I think my favourite popstar would have to be Beyonce. I think if its anyone that is an amazing artist and role model of being a popstar in the most humbling way it’s definitely her. With being a popstar – I feel like I learn something new every day about the industry and I’m beyond excited to be a part of it and develop myself even further as an artist.”


“I definitely can’t leave the house without my phone and chap stick for sure!”


“I honestly don’t really like a lot of toppings! I’ll normally go for a classic margarita or pepperoni.”

Five years from now

“I’d definitely love to have my music in the charts amongst my favourite artists, win a Grammy, as every artist I’m sure dreams and hopes for, making new music in different parts of the world and of course touring is a must!”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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