This Is Our Culture: Billy Lockett

George Griffiths /
Mar 1, 2018 / Music

Billy Lockett is going to be a big deal.

Not only has the Northhampton native just released ‘Empty House’, the lead single from his debut album, he’s signed a major label record deal with Warner’s East West Records and just played his 4th sold-out headline London show.

We hit Billy up to get to know a bit more about him. This is his culture.


My family consists mainly of my girlfriend and my cats haha, both my parents have been a huge support to my music, my mum helped fund things in the early days and I can’t thank her enough for that! She now comes to every show sits at the front and cries so I think she’s of proud me! My dad was the main reason I ever started playing piano, he always encouraged me to be creative and taught me you could have a job in the arts if you put everything into it, sadly he passed away a few years ago and since then I’ve lost touch with almost all my blood relatives really. I guess it’s kind of sad but I’m so busy atm work has taken over everything. I like it that way if I’m honest.

Earliest Memory

My earliest memory would be when I was three years old, my parents gave me an ice cream in the park which I completely covered myself in and then proceeded to hug as many people as I could!

Favourite Song

My favourite song is Old Man by Neil Young, I have foud memories of listening to it on vinyl while watching my dad paint in his studio.

Biggest Inspiration

My biggest inspiration would probably have to be listening to other artists & music. I love learning new ways of writing and the best way to do that is from other people.

Favourite Colour

Favourite colour is orange, always has been and will always be orange, no good reasoning I just frickin love it!


My ambition is to keep being able to have the best job in the world. Headlining Wembley and all those other goals artists tend to have would be nice, but I’m genuinely so happy I can wake up every day and say ‘this is my job’. Everything else is a bonus.

Tour Essentials

Tour essentials are Jelly babies, Manuka honey, and a bottle of rum….and some indoor sports equipment!

Stream Billy Lockett’s new single ‘Empty House’ below:

Words by George Griffiths

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