This Is Our Culture: Bloom Twins

George Griffiths /
Feb 16, 2018 / Music

The Bloom Twins want you to know that they are not the same.

The pop duo are, of course, twins but they say that it’s their differences that make them such a strong unit when they perform together.

Since emerging from their homeland, the girls have made a name for themselves for making elegant synth-pop with honest, bruising lyrics.

Their latest single, ‘She’s Not Me’ (out today) is no exception, a crackling, ominous gem that explodes into a funk laden synth on its chorus; ‘she’s not me, why don’t you leave me alone?’

Join the party with the Bloom Twins. This is their culture.

‘She’s Not Me’

‘She’s Not Me’ is a phrase we say to people when they compare us. Funny enough, many people think that we are absolutely the same, even down to our personas. I’d say more; we are like black and white or Yin and Yang. We are the opposite of each other, which makes for a perfect union/


London. London is a big part of our life and the city inspired us and makes us who we are today.


Sisterhood, more like a twin-bond. A partner in crime, who stands by your side no matter what. She will make you work harder, just by looking at her. But she is not you, and you are not her.

Biggest Influence

It was always John Lennon, as our parents were constantly listening to him and to the Beatles as we were growing up. It’s not just the music, it also carries an incredible message that people tend to forget. It’s important to remember that we are humans and we are making a difference in the world, not machines that were programmed to make life easier. We have something in us – compassion, love, care.

Best Advice

The other day, I [Anna] watched an incredible movie about Joy Mangano – an entrepreneur and loving mum who invented the self-writing Miracle Mop in 1990 [They’re talking about the David O. Russell film Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence.] Everyone doubted her and her idea, yet she put all her time and money in it. She didn’t give up and by 2000, the Miracle Mop was making $10 million a year. So the best advice is: if you really believe in something, never give up on it. Know that there will be doubts and fears.

Favourite City

Every city is our favourite city if we get to play there! But honestly, it is very difficult to pick the one that we love the most, as hard to pick the audience that we prefer. Maybe because there is no such thing as a best audience? It’s about how beautifully unique and individual they are.


Ambition is a synonym for ‘dream.’ To us, if you have a dream – you have a passion. If you have a passion, you have determination. If you have determination, you go through all the ups and downs on the way to your goal. Now matter how painful the ‘downs’ are to swallow, your ambition keeps you going.

The Bloom Twins will also be playing Camden Assembly on May 17th, and ‘She’s Not Me’ is available to stream via Spotify below.

Words by George Griffiths

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