This Is Our Culture: Dusky Grey

Tanyel Gumushan /
Jul 28, 2017 / Music

Dusky Grey are your new best friends.

The duo have a pull that is simply too delicious to resist. Whether it’s their intertwining voices that dance with each other, or their carnival kissed rhythms, their latest single ‘Call Me Over’ is a certified pop banger. Infused with joyous drum patterns and nifty little riffs that bask in fun quirk, it’s a song that makes you move.

Radiating positive vibes only, this is a shaken can of optimism and hope from having a special person by your side, prepare to let loose.

This is their culture.

‘Call Me Over’

“We wrote ‘Call Me Over’ just as we were getting signed. It was a really difficult time, everything was changing really quickly and we just wanted to write about being there for each other and ridding ourselves of any toxic elements we may have adopted.”

Pop music

“We try to put our previous backgrounds into a mix with what’s popular. Geth’s always been a fan of popular music, whilst Catty’s always enjoyed those sing your heart out bangers. And the off-beat rhythym just excites the both of us.”


Geth – “I don’t think meat should be on as pizza so i go for a Jalapeno, black olives, rocket, green/red peppers and mushrooms kind of vibe.”

Catty – “I’m sensitive to lactose but I don’t love anything more than a cheese pizza.  They make me cry every single time.”


Catty – “I don’t think we’re bad at dating, I just think those old romantic films set us all up for loss.”

Geth – “I don’t think we’re bad at it either, I think maybe the focus has shifted. Everyone’s happy to do their own thing.”


Catty – “I like to hang out at home.”

Geth – “I love a coffee, mocha, from Costa, been a regular for years. We have a nightclub called Peep in Bangor, although it’s not a great club –  you always end up with a story or two.”


“We strengthen each other’s weaknesses. It was such a weird interaction when we first met, we felt like we had known each other for years. We’re like siblings now.”

Finding your voice

Catty – “I discovered mine by annoying my family members, I would always be singing around the house and I wasn’t very good at paying attention in school so they always knew I’d have to get into some sort of creative career.”

Geth – “I still haven’t, still searching.”


“We’d start by giving everyone food and a cup of tea. We’re not great at politics.”


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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