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This is our culture: Friends in Paris

Life can be very scary at times.

Sometimes you find yourself struggling, sometimes you feel alone or just like you don’t fit the mould. Sometimes you don’t even know who you really are. That’s when music becomes even more valuable, and Friends In Paris bare their souls in the most vulnerable way, to tell you that you’re not alone.

Latest single, ‘When Your Heart is a Stranger’, provides reassurance in its futuristic sounds. Cool urban beats drop around wrapping slick rhythm textures as a soulful vocal finds harmony amidst. It demonstrates the power of a duo; two creative minds pouring all of their energy into their passion. This safety blanket allows the track to dip and dive, leaving you on the edge of your seat.

‘When Your Heart is a Stranger’

Kris – “‘When Your Heart is a Stranger’ is a story of struggle. Sometimes it’s really easy to lose grip of who you are and how to stay on top of life, for some of us anyway. I may not have always made the right choices and have often found difficulties with financial stability like a lot of people out there. That can lead you to some dark places, which is where these lyrics sprung from. We try and remain conscious about everything we work on not fitting too easily into a genre mould in a bid to create something that will stand the test of time. Staying fresh whilst not using any sound or musical concept that will quickly go out of fashion.”


Jeroen – “There’s a certain style in everything and since the brain works in mysterious and chaotic ways, I am influenced by everything and nothing (or so I like to think). But if I’d have to choose one person, I think that would be my girlfriend actually. She is a creative director for important fashion shows, so her taste is always on point. Favourite outfit ever, that’s like this near impossible question. Maybe my naked self? I always have it with me, but it’s not always appropriate though…”

Kris – “I’d say for the most part I’m influenced by the same ideals we apply to our music. Classic with a fresh urban edge. I have to confess to being influenced by movies and a bit of nostalgia with my outfits too. Favourite outfit… I’ll let you know when I’ve found it.”


Kris – “I’d never felt scared living in London. It was home and having worked as a courier van driver for a while I knew London’s streets pretty well. I felt my roots there and was happy to be part of such a rich culture.

“Paris taught me how hostile a city comparative to London feels when you don’t know it’s streets so well or have a sense of attachment to. I was in my late teens backpacking when I first travelled through Paris. I was alone. I remember seeing a young kid stealing a woman’s handbag and them grappling over it. It made me really aware of the state of poverty in our so called 1st world cities. I was a bit lost and couldn’t find my train station and no-one seemed to want to help. I definitely didn’t feel I had any ‘friends in Paris’.

“I actually live a few hours outside of Perth in a place called Bunbury. Moving to Western Australia and no longer living in a big City has been a blessing although it took time to adjust and for a while there I wasn’t sure about staying. Also, after playing at an event and watching an Aboriginal give welcome to country I became aware of a feeling I’d not felt before, having felt such a sense of belonging in London. I’m very fortunate to be able to see my kids grow up surrounded by such beautiful nature.”

Jeroen – “I lived in London for three amazing game changing years. This diverse city transformed me from a musician with an electro project to an all round producer ready to tackle any genre. I feel really affected by the recent turmoil.

“I discovered Paris because my electro project The Subs became a real buzz during the wave of electro punk. It was a crazy time, lots of partying, made some amazing friends that I still see every time I visit Paris. ”

Night in/night out

Kris – “Right now I’d have to say Night out. Why? Because they are a rarity, having 3 young kids you don’t get out much.”

Jeroen – “Both are good for me! Night in usually means making music, which is great. Night out, well, that’s obvious.”

Fictional characters

Kris – “A friend of mine used to liken me to Zoidberg from Futurama. There was a time when I’d consume anything in my path!”


Kris – “For me it’s having an amazing filter for my ideas! That’s so valuable.”

Jeroen – “Yes indeed! When the vibe is right between two creative persons, there is something magical that happens. All of a sudden 1 + 1 = 3 or 4 or infinity. The endresult becomes entirely unpredictable and talent can become genius. I am an absolute fan of human interaction. Nature gave us “human bondage”, so let’s use it! It’s not always easy to keep the vibe oscillating in sync, but why settle for the sun when you can have the stars?”

Dream starstruck

Kris – “Do they have to be alive? I’d say someone like Prince or Michael Jackson or even David Bowie, can you imagine. Alive? Man there’s plenty who’s company I’d be pretty humbled in. Beck, Aphex Twin, Rihanna. Sorry I can’t name just one.”

Jeroen – “I am always starstruck in the beginning when I meet a talented creative person.”


Jeroen – “Above all things love yourself and then use that to do as good as you can.”

Kris – “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Just make sure you try and learn from them when you do. I’m not always the sharpest tool in the box and left school with little qualifications and squandered my education. This sometimes makes me afraid of speaking up in certain situations in case I make a fool of myself. You’ll never learn by being quiet like that. Most of the time there will be people around you also keeping quiet. Speak out, help them learn too. I think our lives are a quest to find the best selves we can be. Life’s short. Don’t be shy.”



Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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