this is our culture: Jacob Banks

Tanyel Gumushan /
Apr 10, 2017 / Music

Soul-shaking and storm-breaking, Jacob Banks’ latest slice of soul and blues reaches new heights.

Stripped off of his forthcoming EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom, ‘Chainsmoking’ is full of fire, and lined with a raw gritty edge. Having dominated SXSW and signed a record deal, Jacob Banks is reigning in a new stomping ground that commands attention.

This is his culture.

‘The Boy Who Cried Freedom’:

“The name of the EP comes from a political standpoint and also personal, I feel like people are asking for the most basic shit and not being heard.

For example –

Person 1: I think I should get equal treatment.

Person 2, aka a see-you-next-Tuesday: nah you’re alright.

Personal space: I felt like that over the last year where I wanted to be able to express my self fully and a few situations allowed that to feel impossible.”


“I think genres still exist and they probably technically always will because humans have a need to compartmentalise. But the reality is everyone is taking from each other and trying to innovate and I’m trying to move soul music into a digital age and be more human“.


“Cliche, but my birth giver and sperm donor are my heroes”.


“The best advice I’ve ever received is, ‘remember the son of whom you are’. It’s my dad’s favourite saying. The best advice I’ve ever given is, ‘none of this really matters all that really matters is love and how deeply we loved those around us, everything else will fall into place’.”

Songs with soul:

“I think soul music just has so much truth and I try to always tell my version of the truth”.


“Anything Disney is a dream for me, I love animations and its massive part of my childhood.”

Favourite places:

“My favourite coffee place is a place called Ground Works in Hitching, Hertfordshire. My favourite night out is in my bedroom. My favourite place in the world is an arcade.”


“There’s a instrumental track called ‘Balcony Scene’ by  Craig Armstrong. The strings feels like having you inner thigh stoked by a love interest.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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