this is our culture: Kara Marni

Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 22, 2017 / Music

Kara Marni stuns in her debut single, ‘Golden’.

Wearing rose-tinted glasses, there’s an old school feel that is instantly timeless and buries into the heart. From her defining rich vocal, dripping with soul, to the subtle funk beats, every moment is hypnotic and falls into place effortlessly. Spinning a love story of being lost in the lustful euphoria, the track is a mesmerising cut that caresses that very feeling and puts it in a locket to keep forever.

Easy to listen to, and difficult to forget, with a strut in her step Kara Marni has introduced herself as pop’s next queen.

This is her culture.


“‘Golden’ is about the very early stages of a relationship where you are both presenting your very best self. On a personal level it’s about me expressing the inner glow I’ve felt in a new relationship when you get that warm and excited feeling. I took that feeling to the studio and wrote the song with Sebastian Kole.”

Reality TV

“I’ll be honest it’s my guilty pleasure but not one I feel too guilty about! I could actually see myself on a show like, ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ because the experience of pushing those boundaries sounds really exciting! Also, to be in such a natural habitat stripped of all your home comforts would be a challenge!”


“I absolutely love Sade style, big hoops, timelesss and elegant and I also like Gigi Hadid’s style because of how she incorporates a tailored/chic vibe with a really fun twist to it.”


“I love a bit of pineapple on my pizza with black olive and peppers.”


“When it seems the challenges are insurmountable I carry on because I know, nothing worth having comes easy… in any area of life!”


“London and love it because it’s so diverse.”


“My grandma actually discovered my voice when I was 2 and seemingly crying in the car but she noticed that I was just warbling and enjoyed the sounds that were coming out and explained to my mum that I wasn’t crying but singing!”

Live music

“I can’t choose one but Kate bush and more recently Mary j Blige. My best show was probably when I performed at Shakespeare’s Globe very recently! Super fun gig!”

Fictional character 

“100% Goldilocks because she went for the porridge which is exactly what I do daily at home which causes fights also Dory from finding Nemo because she is just an all round G.”


“Music videos are important to me because it adds further dimensions of who I am. We shot my first video for ‘Golden’ fully on a Super 8 camera which very few people do these days but it felt right as my music has so much of a retro vibe shooting on film just made sense. I’m really happy with how it came out.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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