This is our culture: L Devine

Tanyel Gumushan /
Dec 1, 2017 / Music

L Devine is the cool girl that you should have on your radar.

Writing songs that explore the transition from girlhood to womanhood and the strength of self celebration, her Growing Pains EP kicks back. From low-slung RnB goodness of ‘School Girls’, to the melancholic glow of ‘When The Time’s Right’, to the giddy confessions of ‘Like You Like That’, the EP is the ideal soundtrack to make you the star of your teenage rom-com. Introspective and observational, the tracks showcase the many faces of coming-of-age and the relationship between every phase. All woven together with a honey-glazed vocal and irresistible rhythm.

Growing Pains is accompanied by a short film that is set in her home town, and features women from all walks of life. Setting her songs to particular colours, the real stars are Devine‘s close family and real-life best friendships, as well as a powerful arrangement of groundbreaking women who have left their mark on society. These include Judith Alexander, a sniper for Northumbria police, the Coventry Dynamite Cheerleaders, and Mandy Coppin, the chief executive of youth charity Streetwise in Newcastle, and one of only a handful of female pilots that fly microlight aeroplanes.

L Devine represents every girl growing up, in their own way. This is her culture.

Growing Pains
“All the songs on the Growing Pains EP are real stories and real feelings I’ve had growing up – exploring my experiences as a girl coming into adulthood, whether it’s falling in love, sexual curiosity, partying or finding my place as a young woman in the world.”

“I was obsessed with the Lion King when I was three – I was always in my Simba outfit. So pretty much all my memories involve me being on all fours pretending to be a lion.”

Handbag essentials
“I don’t have one. I cram everything into an Oyster card wallet so just need that and my phone.”

“Autobiographies and biographies of my favourite musicians are my thing. I Am Brian Wilson is the best.”

“I moved on from felines. Sharks are my favourite – I just got a tattoo of one on my arm. I think I’d be a basking shark. Less violent.”

“We should celebrate being ourselves and doing whatever it is we want to do. For the Growing Pains visual EP, I felt strongly that we should show what girls can do if we come together, instead of tearing each other down. The idea was to film women of all ages doing weird and interesting things, that sometimes may not be deemed ‘cool’, and to capture them in a way that shows how beautiful and amazing these women and their passions are. Being able to meet all the different women and hearing some of their stories throughout the shoot was truly inspiring. Each of the women in the video has lived life with no restraints, and certainly never let their gender get in the way of working hard, doing what they love and being who they are.”

“I’m recovering from a huge Thanksgiving dinner and had nine hours sleep – that’s a dream in itself!”

“I have a colour palette around every song I write. This inspired the colours you see in the different set-ups in the Growing Pains visual EP. The pink in ‘Party On Our Own’ is my favourite in the video.”


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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