This is our culture: Liv Dawson

Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 8, 2017 / Music

The latest slice from Liv Dawson is the ‘Painkiller’ that everybody could do with a dose of.

A retaliation to the moment that reality hits the morning after a drunken conversation, the track glimmers with a sweet innocence and fizzy, light optimism. Liv’s glossy vocals put a gorgeous twist on the sombre lyricism, taking you on a smooth sugar-rush. It’s a real feet mover, leading stride with propulsive pop beats, making it perfect to sing aloud with your friends on a night out and wave off any insecurity.

Despite living in a sleepy, small town, like her music, Liv Dawson has no desire to simply stick to boundaries. Honeying honesty and chasing dreams, her music is as free and soulful as her hearty spirit. And her love for dogs.

This is her culture.


“‘Painkiller’ came from a drunken discussion I had with my boyfriend, we spoke about things we wouldn’t normally speak about and then when the morning after came, things were awkward and weird, but then you realise what we were talking about was quite relevant and we knew we would eventually have to talk it through. I want people to feel like they’re not alone when drunken mistakes happen – and they happen a lot! The song was written after I finished supporting Honne on tour, we came back to London and jump in the studio together, they’re like my older brothers now!”

Small town

“I really liked growing up in a small town, I still live with my parents, although sometimes I do wish I lived in the city. It taught me that even though you live in a small town you can work hard for what you want and it doesn’t stop you from achieving anything.”


“When I was younger I always wanted to be a vet, I love animals, especially dogs, and wanted to be around them all the time. Then I realised that I loved singing and performing live, my dreams for 10 years time are to be performing at arenas around the world and to keep making music that people relate to and find comfort in.”

Handbag essentials

“I can’t leave my house without my Nintendo DS and my phone of course, but I prefer my DS because it stops me from sitting on my phone all day looking at dogs online.”

Celebrity/weird crush

“I definitely have a crush on Beyonce but I don’t think that’s weird, she’s a major influence to me and to sit and talk about her experiences would be mind blowing.”


“I think the best piece of advice that anyone’s given to me is to breathe. I share the same team as Sam Smith so we spend time together and he’s great with advice, he told me to just breathe through any nerves or big moments and honestly it helps a lot.”

Iconic moment

“Selling out my show at Omeara was pretty insane, it was my first headline show and went exactly how I wanted it to go, I was super nervous so when it turned out to be amazing I was so happy.”


“I first discovered my singing voice when i was around 8 years old, I used to sing at a singing group down the road from me and we had a talent show every year – and that was when my parents realised I wasn’t too bad!”


“My favourite cocktails are piña coladas and strawberry daiquiri’s – I love sweet things and cocktails that don’t taste like alcohol.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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