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Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 15, 2017 / Music

Sad Palace have created their own beats, ‘Frostbeat’.

And it’s something that is utterly their own. Stirring the free nature of jazz with the rousing of emotions, the appropriately named track has a glacier coating, but one that reflects a full spectrum of rainbow light. Combined, the South Coast quartet have magic powers; where harmonies shimmer and melody holds your hips and sways to a rhythm that lives on in your heart.

On their search for intimacy, the tender, soft moments collide into the more thunderous and raucous moments, and psychedelic swirls capture you in its spellbinding lyrics; making this track an exciting trip of emotional trial.

This is their culture.


“Lyrically, ‘Frostbeat’ is inspired by a kind of lonely desire for closeness to another person and the way that this feeling can cause you to perhaps selfishly read into interactions that would normally seem fleeting in the hope for something deeper. Musically it’s nice to show a slightly different side to ourselves quite early on.”


“A couple of us have been reading this book called ‘One Man’s Wilderness’ It’s the diary entries of this carpenter in the 60s who journeyed off to the Alaskan wilderness to start a life away from the city. He builds his own cabin and adventures through the Twin Lakes. It’s real soothing to read about his calm and simple life if things get a little full on.”


“We’re all pretty cosy fellas so I think we’d have to say winter. We don’t have to feel bad about snuggling up indoors and playing with synths or watching Spongebob if it’s freezing outside. Everything outside looks that little bit more magical when it’s got that frosty coating too.”


“Smartphones are obviously pretty useful in a lot of ways, but I guess people can get pretty addicted to the dizzying rush of social media popularity. The Podcast app gets a lot of use from us – Russell Brand’s has been a favourite for years and has caused many an awkward laugh-loudly-while-on-a-crowded-bus-alone moment.”


“We waltzed our way into a room where The Doors were eating their lunch once. That might be the best surprise they ever received. Ray Manzarek, god rest his soul, came and asked if he could jump in a photo we were taking. That was a nice surprise.

TV Series

“Simpsons on repeat. And The Walking Dead.”


“If we’ve got to pick one then the big riff in ‘Giant Tortoise’ by Pond is hard to beat. They have a few monstrous ones actually but that one was super fun to see live. Those chaps know how to hit that sweet spot.”

Hot Drinks

“Probably coffee but we’re not really connoisseurs of the coffee bean world, our palettes haven’t really matured past coke and orange squash.”

Theme Parks 

“We’re a bit split, half of us are up for a white knuckle ride but the other can’t think of anything worse. Its okay though, it just means two of us can share a peaceful tea cup ride whilst the braver ones do their thing.”

Physical Music

“We are all pretty big on collecting music, there are some pretty impressive hoards on various hard drives. Physical music is always the most satisfying though. It’s a nice thing to look back at your past self through the albums you once loved, some of which have aged much better than others.

First albums:

Nickelback – Silver Side Up

Murderdolls – Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls

Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes

Most recent:

Bonobo – Migration

Everything Everything – A Fever Dream

The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

The Best Of Spandau Ballet (purchased as part of a bundle including a Gary Barlow single and a shiny Philippe Coutinho Match Attax card)”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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