This is our culture: Tom Walker

Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 10, 2017 / Music

Tom Walker has a massive voice, and the heart to match.

His latest single, ‘Heartland’, showcases both elements in all of their glory. A massive track of temptation and promise, there’s a cigarette burn to the whiskey washed lyrics, but also a whole lot of soul. Flexing with the realities of life’s hangovers, Tom’s intricate storytelling finds a gospel chorus as a guiding light and release from a chorus that continually finds strength.

Sincerity it etched in the veins and honesty flows from the lips, if you are yet to be acquainted with the unforgettable sounds of Tom Walker, count today as your lucky day.

This is his culture.


“I was out on the road, and I was taking full advantage of the free beers we were getting on the rider. At some point it was getting a little out of hand and we were having a bit to much fun, which is to be done when your on tour but it’s not sustainable every night if you actually want to sing well. This is where the idea stemmed from, “Heartland” is about resisting temptation, sometimes it’s easy to run away and escape, but sometimes you need to face the music.”


“It’s a mix of a few genres, I’d say something along the lines of “emotive heartfelt songs, mixing hip-hop, reggae, blues and pop together with a sick rhythm section. I love so much music, I’m not a one genre kind of guy, if it sounds good I’m into it.”

Live music

“I played a gig at Oslo recently in London, it was such a wicked show, the crowd were well up for it. I was joined by the amazing George Glew and Liv Dawson, both wicked acts! It’s always such a pleasure to see new talent on the scene smashing up the stage.”


“Teleportation. Would be amazingly handy for touring. Especially in the US, that place is massive.”


“Can I dance? Are you mad, course I can, been throwing shapes all over the world since ’91.”


“Fuck knows I always forget them as soon as I wake up. Best to live your dreams in reality. Can sleep when I’m dead.”


“Not sure, depends what I get up to. Mine would probably be called something mint like “chronicles of a badman” has Quincy Jones got an autobiography? I’d probably have a good read of that.”

Prized possession

“My first fender Stratocaster I got when I was 14.”


“It’s nice to be nice. So be nice.”


“Satisfying and difficult all at the same time. It’s awesome when you finish a song and you’ve really worked hard to make it as good as possible, but then you spend the rest of your life noticing all the things you missed at the time.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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