Dominique’s ‘Use Me’ is her most personal song to date

HQ /
Jul 27, 2017 / Music

New York based Dominique stepped into her career writing, producing and releasing songs independently, all made from beats in her bedroom that saw masses of online attention.

‘It’s Only You’, ‘Don’t’ and more recently a minimalistic take of Cassie’s cover of ‘Me & U’, all rocketed her buzzy online presence.

Dominique latest single ‘Use Me’ appears as a seductive bouncy pop track but actually reveals as her most personal and self-reflecting song to date. This release shows a turning point for the artist’s career from opening up and revealing her truest form. Behind its glossy appearance, lyrically the song is about Dominique transitioning mentally from writing by herself to now writing and co-writing with many different artists. Opening herself to a new world of new projects that has seen her evolve, both as a person and an artist.

‘Use Me’ is no stranger from Dominique’s past production approach on previous releases but thrills in huge pop moments, channelling vocal dynamic highs with graceful ease.

What clings on in each release, is the improvised flair of layered vocal harmonies and slick 808 bass patterns that styles as much identity from her previous singles.

Words by Christian Graham

Words by HQ

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