Donald Trump Must Go

Niall Flynn /
Aug 17, 2017 / Opinion

Donald Trump must go.

He must go, simply, because he – the President of the United States – has revealed himself to be a neo-Nazi sympathiser.

He must go because he has opened the doors to hatred. He has appeased, fuelled and emboldened it. Racists wear suits in the White House, while supremacists sing and dance in the streets. ‘Violence on many sides,’ he yelps, ‘didn’t you see the way the leftists came at us? Many sides. Many sides.’

He must go because he has commodified anger. It’s his currency. Without rage and loathing, President Donald Trump is powerless; surplus to requirements. He keeps the wheel spinning, because it’s all he knows now. He can’t let it stop, though he couldn’t if he tried.

He must go because he is a terrified old man, slowly – and very, very publicly – losing his mind.

He must go because, suddenly, the rest of the Republican Party seem a bunch of statesmen. You find yourself in the dead of night – wide-eyed and self-loathing – wishing on a Kasich, or a Rubio.

He must go because he has you thinking, ‘how bad could Pence really be?’

He must go because he is a sociopath, only without any of the charisma. He’s unhinged; unstable. Charlottesville is home to a winery he owns, didn’t you know? One of the biggest in country: fact! You never asked. He whistles a tune as he walks away.

He must go because we all saw this coming, way back when Obama was Osama. That strange, rubbery man with funny hair, squawking hate at the first black president from the confines of his big, golden tower. Was he too dumb to be dangerous?

He must go because he is dangerous.

He must go because he’s unpredictable. He’d rule over a smoking crater if it meant being king.

He must go because it would be beautiful to watch. For a man so powerless to his own fragile narcissism, a forced ejection would be decimating. ‘Don’t you know who I am?’, as you throw him out, suitcases too. ‘I’ll have your badge for this, son!’ He knows that he won’t.

He must go, because there really is no other way now.

Donald Trump must go. Let’s build a wall to keep him out.

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Words by Niall Flynn

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