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Etta Bond’s ideal party guests

Etta Bond is a musician who knows how to make her tracks addicting.

Her latest release, ‘Addiction’, in that essence, is aptly named. Sweet, it’s a glorious blend of glossy RnB tones and a twinkling rhythm that gently intertwines with a voice laced with sultriness. Replicating a pulsing heartbeat, steady rise and falls leave you craving more of the tender yet dangerously intoxicating track. Putting herself on the line in the lyrics, it’s a song that leaves side effects – you’ll find yourself falling into it.

‘Addiction’ is the second release from her forthcoming EP collaboration with Chris Loco. To find out more, we asked Etta who she’d have as guests to her dinner party, and what would be spinning in the background.

Erykah Badu 

“She is literally the queen. I would love to listen to anything she has to say.”

Musiq Soulchild

“The music you listen to when you’re 15 stays with you for ever. Musiq is that guy for me. Very special.”

Tyler the creator 

“I used to be an actual super fan. I find him fascinating and maybe we could play pranks on the other guests.”

Eric Benet

“Someone I grew up listening to. A Day In The Life is one of my all time favourite albums.”


“High-key a massive inspiration of mine. Southern Hummingbird schooled me. I’d just love to soak up some of her energy and thank her beautiful soul.”

Cardi B

“For the turn up.”

Salaam Remi

“Someone I’d love to work with. I’m sure he has some great stories to share too.”

Missy Elliott 

“The legend herself. Why do I need a reason to invite Missy Elliott? Give me a reason not to.”

Quite Perry 

“Can Patricia come too?! My favourite Instagram comedian. He’s due to be my best friend.”


A post shared by Rohan Perry (@quiteperry) on


“One of the funniest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t trust anyone who didn’t like poet.”


“I was in love with D’Angelo growing up and true love never dies.”

DJ khaled 

“So we can buss a young salsa together.”

Seth Rogan

“Coz he’s a legend.”

Dave Chapelle 

“My favourite comedian.”

Background Music

“That’s a lot of people, but hey. I don’t do things halfhearted. Is it weird to play music made by my guests? I’d play Slum Village – Sex. D’Angelo – Voodoo. Missy Elliott – Supa Dupa Fly. After that, I’m passing the aux.”


Image by Rosie Matheson

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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