Evalyn’s guide to Venice Beach

Tanyel Gumushan /
Nov 9, 2017 / Music

Meet Evalyn.

She’s the coolest chick on the indie pop scene and you’re going to be desperate to be her best friend. Hailing from California, the sun rays have beamed down on the honeyed vocal of the soft indie pop princess, and on the flip side she’s lived the pain of the American dream.

Her Sandcastle EP documents the generational struggles of online personas and chasing dollars, Hollywood dreaming, thrilling highs and seedy comedowns, and the dark side of glamour. The half sultry, half venomous openers of ‘Cherry Lambo’ and ‘Filthy Rich’ are melancholic chases for hedonism, glossed with a sense of cynical pride; “I want a boyfriend but I want to run free / want to be nasty want to be sweet” of teenage stereotype.

‘Ride or Die’ show a more vulnerable side, with a cinematic scope to highlight the intensity of being the ones who got away. Evalyn has a knack for painting a picture with her choice of lyrics. She pours her innermost thoughts and feelings and places a listener in that moment with a close, tender attention to detail. ‘Rather Be Dead’ documents a toxic lust to another; speckled electronics and dark strings cradle a confused plea of wanting to escape but never wanting to leave.

From the background hawks of seagulls to the almost caricature representation of West Coast living, the Sandcastle EP is one that envelopes the struggles and angst of being a young person today. From the highs to the lows, and the bittersweet irony. As a self-confessed “California Daughter”, in ‘Trump’ she talks about changing the world in the most Evalyn way possible. With her raspy alcohol edged vocal, evolving tempo and emotive delivery for an all immersive, almost angelic experience.

Giving us a cherry red taste of the coast through her music, Evalyn shows us her top hangouts in Venice Beach, one of the places that inspired the EP.

Hidden gems:

  1. Hinano – “The best dive on the west side. Come for the burger, stay for the bar fight.”
  2. Muscle Beach bleachers – “Best spot to get away with smoking a j.”
  3. Winston House – “If you know, you know. coolest live music venue happening in Venice right now.”

Favourite local shops:

  1. Lone Wolfs – “A surf dream with a retro aesthetic that happens to throw some killer parties.”
  2. No Name Tshirt Van – “An unmarked, unnamed tent on the boardwalk right by Rose Ave that has the most unbelievable band T selection you could imagine.”
  3. Boardwalk Vintage – “Wandered in here once on a date. I ditched the guy, but kept coming back for the vintage patches, playboys and denim.”

Favourite music coming out of  the West Side:

  1. Rafferty – “West Coast crooner vibes. Check out his cover of ‘Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon’”
  2. Grizfolk – “I really love this band. Check out ‘Bob Marley’ which sounds like driving the PCH.”
  3. Corey Harper – “A Winston House local favourite. Check out ‘California Sun’.”

For more, check out Evalyn’s Venice Beach mixtape.

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Evalyn's guide to Venice Beach

Stylist/creative director: Rachel Nickell
Photographer: Dillon Lane


Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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