Everyone loves Loyle Carner

Aaron Powell /
Apr 14, 2017 / Music

Honest, concise, intelligent. Everyone loves Loyle Carner.

Benjamin Gerard Coyle-Larner, South London’s finest melancholic rhyme machine seems to command an almost universal appeal through a timeless combination of heart breaking honesty and concise delivery with a modern twist.

He’s a man rooted in family, drawing from experience and providing his predominantly younger fan base with a sense that the relentless boredom of long days in suburbia can actually be quite enjoyable if you are is surrounded by loved ones and maybe the occasional biffter.

2017’s Yesterday’s Gone released by Carner as his first large body of work was widely praised by many myself included for its breadth of artistic credibly and fundamentally the transparency of delivery. It is a powerful statement that goes from light hearted invocations of laughter to crippling questions about unity and mentality.

Every conceivable emotion encountered from the trying ages of eighteen to twenty five is covered. It leaves no stone unturned and not many questions unanswered.

I can find very little to question about Carner’s quick quips, his choices of producers or his subject matter. In fact, he may the most honest person in the music industry in terms of just the raw lyrical content. He is undoubtedly a serious force to be reckoned with and I for one will be beating my sweaty Cantona shirt on my glistening chest at his upcoming Brixton show.

Words by Aaron Powell

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