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Experience the ‘Evolution of Life’ with Big Blue

On February 1st, a musician left the UK and embarked on travels through Europe.

Surrounded by new people in new environments, experiencing different things and with a new head space away from home, Paul Baker created Big Blue – with the ambition to document life and the glory of its twists and turns.

Debut, ‘Evolution of Life’, is an ambient trip with slick licks of psychedelia, acting as a vision of how he views life from a young age until today.

From the naivety of childhood where soft instrumentals flutter carefree, to the fighting desperation in the vocal interrupting twinkling melodies during adolescence. Lashings of repeated vocals ‘are you scared’ close the track as it meets an abrupt but poignant end.

The first revealed from forthcoming EP, aptly named Life (26th April), it makes clear that this is not a smooth sail.

“I wanted to write a song which displays real life. Real life, led to 3/4 tracks – where nothing fits, things change, tempos change. A change in mood, a change of feeling. Nothing in life is set so neither is this. I wanted something different. Nothing in these songs are certain or even relevant, but to someone it might be.” Says Paul.

“A lot of people won’t like it, but I do. People will like it a lot more than me too. This is life. A wild journey where not one single person knows what’s ahead. Open your eyes and your mind, then you are living.”

With nothing to lose, and a mind ready to be opened, you might as well jump in the Big Blue love bus and see where it takes you.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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