This Feeling TV reignites our love for music television

Tanyel Gumushan /
May 8, 2017 / Film & TV

When you think of music television, do you think of Top of The Pops and Later With Jools Holland?

Or do you think of pregnant teenagers and exes on beaches? Perhaps online relationships with people pretending to be other people? A bratty sixteenth birthday party?

As music television has dwindled to Christmas specials and American trashy drama that we love to hate, there’s a sense of mourning for the traditional days that celebrated the music video and gave face to the voices heard on radio.

Legendary club promoters, This Feeling, have now launched their own TV platform. Teaming up with Red Stripe, they’re responsible for the rise of the likes of Blossoms, and supported by Kasabian and both of the Gallaghers – applauds to the team that united those pair.

For the past ten years, pioneer, Mikey Johns, has hosted gig and club nights up and down the country with the best of local rock and roll talent. This Feeling worship guitars in the same way as we do our old time favourite rockstar and cherish the independent venues that give kids the launch ground to make it to the big stages.

The TV channel, hosted on YouTube, sees a mix of bands; rising and legendary, giving interviews and live performances. Recorded in segments over the course of the year, the episodes are set in pubs and clubs, highlighting the glory of the grubby glamour of authentic music.

Episode one is hosted by Radio X’s Gordon Smart, and features performances from big shot newbie, Tom Grennan, the formidable DMA’s and the mighty Slaves, alongside interviews from Black Honey, Carl Barat and Martin Compton. It even features the embodiment of rock n roll – a television throwing competition.

Where This Feeling have used social media to leave a trail of like-minded teens with a thing for sweaty mosh pits, word of mouth is their greatest tool and they’ve helped to create the greatest musicians on everyone’s lips.

Providing a platform for the new and exciting, and fuelled by the belief in bloody great music, This Feeling TV might not be the full future of music television, but at the very least it’s created a family unit where you’ll slot right in.


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Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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