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First Look at Anne Hollowday’s Birdwatching Documentary

Bird Watching is an exploration of the ways we perform and perceive gender in the world today. Combining real-life documentary interviews and carefully curated archive footage, the metaphor is both sincere and a provocation.

The quotidien moments of everyday life are both seen and unseen. The way the trees outside your apartment move in the wind versus the way people make judgements about you based on your outward appearance and presentation. I’ve had a long preoccupation with books and literature and wanted to use metaphor to present a fresh take on these themes. Birds are both these majestic, powerful creatures who soar over us with their unique perspective, but they’re also objects of fascination for people in their own right who marvel at them and seek them out wherever they go. The play-on-words approach is designed to provoke and spotlight, I hope it can spark a new sense of what it means to be seen and ask questions about who is doing the seeing.



Words by HQ

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