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We got first eyes on ‘High Tides’ from Caan

Caan Capan has been looking inward for the last six years, but now he’s at the beach. The single is titled “High Tides,” co-written and co-produced with Mkulu, and it is premiering, here, today. 

In it, Capan is accompanied by a woman. On the surface, they are in each other’s physical presence, but it’s apparent that each is in his and her own world internally. On the surface, the song is about getting high, but much deeper than that is a message about what happens when you allow yourself to feel.

“I was at a point in my life about four years ago when I used to stay out all weekend,” the Tottenham-dwelling artist said via press release. “I’d get home and question my behaviour, and it used to make me worry about what direction my life was going in. Looking back now, those are some of the most profound, introspective and educational parts of my life.

“‘High Tides’ is actually about enlightenment and learning from the highs and lows that we experience day-to-day. It’s about the romance we all share with escapism. No matter the consequence, these experiences are how we grow and evolve.”

Under Capan’s airy voice is a pulsating, elongated and comforting beat. All at once, the song beckons your suppressed emotions while also giving you space to process them. If “High Tides” isn’t enough space to do so, Capan assures that this is only the start of “a linear narrative with two other incoming singles” titled “Ghost in My Head” and “On & ‘On.”

Produced by Capan, directed by Chas Appeti and filmed at Camber Sands in East Sussex, watch below:

Words by Megan Armstrong

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