Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Tanyel Gumushan /
Apr 24, 2017 / Culture

“Being drunk in space is probably the best place to be right now.” Say Anteros, and to be fair, they have a point.

Albeit we know very little about space, but the discovery that human life may be able to be sustained on different planets is one that has a thrilling appeal. Having recently released their new EP, Drunk, the four piece may be intoxicating but they have the artistic clarity of a shot glass.

We got to take a peek inside the studio, with images taken by Alex Trimble of Two Door Cinema Club.

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Explaining, “It’s hard not to be saddened or to feel defeated, especially when you think of the current state of the world, but it’s up to everybody to stick together and help people navigate each other out of it.” Anteros believe that music could really be the remedy to do so.

“We’ve only got one planet earth, and we’re going to be here, together, for a while.” they continue, and they use their bittersweet pop anthems to connect. New track, ‘High, Goodbye’ rises with classic falsetto, it’s almost ethereal and definitely emotive. The song discusses coping with depression, as the band explain how “it got severely bad for Laura a couple of years ago, and song-writing was a form of disconnecting, a form of therapy.”

The process of making the EP itself seemed to allow some feelings of release for Anteros. Recorded over five days at Distiller’s Bath studio with Nick Hodgson, the environment seemed therapeutic.

“It’s so beautiful there: a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by fields and lots of sheep.” They lush, “It’s been so good to have the chance to record a whole EP in the same studio, which is something we hadn’t had the chance to do before. We wrote the tracks last year, it was amazing to be able to tear them apart and build them from the ground up.”

From the sweet spirit of ‘On The Moon’, to the rapid and glossy energy of ‘Cherry Drop’, to the slouchy glamour of the title track, Drunk is draped with grooves and lined with retro rock and roll. The EP wears dark sunglasses and kicks with rough, denim flares.

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Recorded just after Jackson joined the band, “he was able to leave his mark on it.” Each songs adorns its own personality; as the band explain “the four of us are very different, but that’s what makes writing, recording, touring and hanging out a lot of fun. It would be so boring if we were all the same!”

They can switch from being in your face and rowdy to enchanting and gentle. “We don’t want to try and write the same song over and over again either. We want to be honest.

“Ultimately we all care about this project, so it’s about the music  – not the ego. If opinions clash, then we cast a vote. It’s important to us that everyone’s personality comes across in our music, make of that what you may.”

Their latest video for prowling single, ‘Cherry Drop’ captures the band’s relentless touring schedule, offering insight into their unorthodox every day. Shot by Phoebe Fox, it’s fast paced and exciting, there’s confetti and strewn beer glasses, dressing rooms made glitzy by the band’s presence.

Yet if we’d have been a fly on the wall in recording, Anteros say we’d have seen “us sleeping in bunk beds, everyone taking turns to cook themed dinners, recording over 12-14 hours a day, large amounts of red wine, one mattress fringe, playing rock school covers during tea breaks…”

Drunk doesn’t fall flat on its face, or spew into any gutters. It may instead make you want to kiss strangers and declare your love, you might even dance the make-up off your face to it and allow the sweat to flatten your hair.

If Anteros were a cocktail it’d be made of “red wine, apple, honey, soda and a dash of lemon” and served “in a glitter rimmed glass”, and with that, we’ll take two.

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Fly on the wall: In the studio with Anteros

Drunk EP is out now

Anteros headline the Sebright Arms on April 27th, support comes from SHEIKH



Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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