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Dec 22, 2017 / Music

Thanks to the power of the internet it’s easier for the multitudes of new bands to get coverage, but to have something different is a massive bonus.

When you think of a band you mostly remember the vocalist, this person has something different about them, maybe the clothes they wear, the energy they have or the personal touch they have to make everyone feel comfortable pin the room.

A frontman/woman should entertain the crowd who have paid their hard earned money to help them process in their own career. They have to be lovable towards everyone, care for the people around them and most importantly be passionate about the music they have produced. If the passion isn’t shown then where does the room get there energy from? Where does your excitement come from?

Frank Carter has all the above and more.

Frank Carter has been around the scene for some time now and has gained a vast amount of experience along the way, from releasing debut album, Orchestra Of Wolves, by Gallows at just 22 years old then making a brief comeback with Pure Love after leaving Gallows in 2011. After personal struggles and faced with losing some of the most important people in his life, Frank Carter is back and creating havoc with The Rattlesnakes.

Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are known for more than just their music, a live performance is something you do not want to miss.

There is no safe place to stand for one of their gigs, as I found out at Download Festival 2016. Frank Carter wanted a circle pit. Normally this is a small group of people risking their lives to run in a circle, but Carter stopped the music and insisted he wanted it bigger. His plan was to have fans run out of the tent and back in the other side to attract more people in. Believe it or not, it worked!

The band go all out every single gig but it does come with consequences. Whilst touring the UK last March, Frank Carter had serious back problems and during the most recent tour he was diagnosed with tonsillitis half way through. Never-the-less, with Frank Carter at the forefront, this the show must go on.

Nothing stops this band performing every night like they are playing Wembley Stadium (FYI they are in June supporting Foo Fighters) and living for those minutes on stage with a crowd of people who gives back as much energy as is given out.

In the space of nine months, the band went from selling out KOKO to selling out O2 Academy Brixton – which holds 5000 eager fans. It’s not often that you hear of a band rising so rapidly. The gig comes after Modern Ruin reached number seven in the album charts earlier this year.

There’s no messing around with a Frank Carter gig; they start right in with ‘Primary Explosive,’ a surprising opening song as it not a single release, but this is the magic – the fans go for it regardless. Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are always ready to tear the room apart with their bare hands. As part of the audience you’re always wondering; am I ready to see a place explode?

Bring on ‘Juggernaut.’ The track allows light relief in a break for just a moment before the rhythm of Dean Richardson’s guitar kicks in. “I AM A JUGGERNAUT!!!” is screamed with a burst of energy from our frontman.

Bigger venues are coming quick for the band, but that doesn’t take anything away from the intimate performance they have to offer. They still talk to the crowd like it’s small, and get up close and personal by standing within the audience, and preforming handstands – which is something you don’t see very often.

Between the chaos, Frank Carter takes the time to talk about the meaning behind his songs. ‘Loss’ reflects on the year that he’s had, telling us recently; “My life crumbled this year, we stopped playing this song when things got good but now the bad parts are back, if you are feeling bad, talk to someone.” Over the past few months the band had pulled out of supporting Papa Roach across Europe and cancelled an American tour as a result of Frank Carter’s mental health issues, but it is something is he completely open about.

Frank decides when it’s time for the night to come to the end, and often insists on playing his favourite songs twice, before finishing with classic; ‘I Hate You’.

A night with Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes is a night of fun, emotion and sweat. Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes are getting bigger and bigger by the second, there is nothing stopping this band.

Festivals worry where the headliners of tomorrow are, he is one of them.


Words by Jake Williams

Words by HQ

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