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Gardna on Sundays, Maisie Williams and how the new Bristol Sound is taking over 2016

Gardna and partner-in-crime Kreed have just released “Sunday”, one of the biggest tunes of the year so far. With grimy dub styles, cheeky lyrics and hip-hop flows all in the mix they have concocted audio sunshine.

The visuals, featuring Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, burnt through 25,000 views on YouTube in no time at all and shows no sign of slowing down. TMRW caught up with Gardna to find out how the new Bristol Sound is shaping up to be the soundtrack to your summer.

Your new tune “Sunday” with Kreed is massive and it’s just the first track from your forthcoming EP. How did you guys come to work together?

Kreed and I have been making music together for a while now. Back then he was only 13, I was 16 and together we made some of my earlier Hip Hop tracks like ‘Change’ and ‘How We Living.’ We’re both living in Bristol now so we’ve come together to make a new EP fresh for 2016. I’m hyped for it.

The video for “Sunday” features Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones and Doctor Who (amongst other things). Is it right that you went to school together?

Maisie wasn’t in my year at school but yes that’s how we initially know each other.  It was great to have her on board with the project and also nice that she still supports local after all her success.

The visuals are a perfect fit for the song, in fact, in my review I believe I described them as “none more Bristol”. How did you and Chris Lucas come up with concept for the video?

I started getting some crazy ideas around the Johnny Osborne sample in the track. ‘Who goes to church on a Sunday, there’s no love in your heart on Monday.’ From that I knew I wanted to film it in a church so we started looking around for dark, gothic churches around Bristol. We struck gold pretty quickly with St Johns Baptist Church, it’s right in the middle of town and it’s is one of the oldest remaining buildings in Bristol. After a few meetings with Chris Lucas we nailed the idea and story line for the video. Chris is a wizard – he did such a great job on this project and really brought my visions to life. I strongly recommend this guy.

“Sunday” is your third huge tune in a row, following “Big Bad Sound” with DrMeaker and Parly B and “See the Vibe” with Tiffani Juno. Each track has its own unique identity but all of them encapsulate that Bristol sound. How important has the local scene been in shaping your career?

Moving to Bristol has been key for my progress as an artist. Living here over the past three years has certainly inspired me musically. Since making the move I’ve noticed a development in my sound – I’m grateful to see it expanding a bit further and I’m happy here.

What are your key influences as an artist?

I guess I gain most of my inspiration from just being here in Bristol in amongst it all. Simply just being at the raves, be that performing or as a punter keeps things fresh for me. I want to know what’s happening, what works, what doesn’t. There’s a big family thing going on here, we all move under the Bristol Sound. Seeing my peers doing good and making movements gives me that flare to reign supreme with them.

We first met working in a certain urban clothing retailer a few years back (for the record, I don’t miss that nonsensical hustle and bustle one bit although we did work with some awesome people.) Do you miss that world?

I don’t miss working every Saturday and Sunday after going out raving all night. I do miss free Carharrt jeans.

Which do you prefer; playing live to thousands at festivals and live PAs or collaborating and recording in the studio with your peers? Or are they two sides of the same shiny coin?

I do love grinding in the studio but for me it’s all about the live shows really. It’s my bread and butter. Nothing better than travelling around playing the music you love. Although the journey is still young, I’m lucky to be well travelled on this musical mission and long may that continue.

What are your Top Five tunes at the moment?

1. Circles – Adam F (dRamatic & dbAudio Remix)

2. I Can’t Stop – Lemon D

3. Purify Your Love –  Johnny Osbourne

4. Just Saying / I Tried – The Internet

5. Super Sharp Special – FleCK

If you could collaborate with any musician or producer, dead or alive, who would you pick and why?

I think it would be Rodney P, I’d love to make a tune with him. He’s the originator.

What’s next for Gardna in 2016?

I can’t wait to hand in my dissertation and start my summer tour! The schedule is looking little bit silly but I’m mostly looking forward too Glastonbury, BoomTown, Shambala, Eden and Outlook Festival. I’ll also be releasing music an EP with Kreed and other tunes with Mr Benn, Mystic State, Jinx in Dub, Aries and more.

GARDNA Press Shot

Words by David Sealey

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