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Step aside. There’s a new girl gang on the scene, and they’re not doing things by halves. Kyra TV presents NAYVA, the next-gen fashion & beauty show hosted on YouTube. More than a channel, NAYVA is a movement, and it’s one we can definitely get behind.

The programs four hosts, Faith, Esme, Jasmine and Angel, shared a need to create a show by Gen Zer’s for Gen Zer’s to encourage girls to be themselves while promoting self-love, and stir-up the beauty and fashion industry. It’s clear that they all bring a different look to the table, making an eclectic and relatable mix for the show. Having a voice in an oversaturated market is a challenge, but that’s why using a familiar platform in an unfamiliar way got NAYVA noticed.

Feeling empowered is about having a voice and using it to express your beliefs, and the girls were quick to comment on the pressures of social media and the impact of being ‘online’, remarking on unrealistic industry expectations and associated worthlessness: The kind of pressure and alienation that NAYVA is here to dispel.

NAYVA seems determined to use this position of power to empower their audience to love themselves and explore their societal place.

You can check their first episode, below

Words by Emma McCormack

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