Hazel English announces new double EP

Tanyel Gumushan /
Mar 30, 2017 / Music

Sometimes, releasing an EP just the once is not quite enough.

Last year Oakland-based Hazel English captured the hearts of many with her thick, dark fringe and playful dream pop on debut EP Never Going Home. Now it’s been announced that the hazy, bittersweet tales will be accompanied by new, cathartic material on double EP, Just Give In / Never Going Home, out on May 12th.

Just Give In acts as a documentation of a blossoming creative partnership between Hazel and Jackson Phillips (aka Day Wave). The tale goes that both musicians met when Hazel was working in a local book shop, that Jackson popped into while on his way to get a synth repaired. It’s almost the start of an indie, coming-of-age rom com. One where you fully root for the pair.

Lead single ‘Fix’ is beamed on by sunrays. Hazel croons softly, stirring a delicate blend of romanticism and tender nerves. Spinning a sugared hook, she innocently pleads “take me away again”.

Teaming with Austin Kearns for the video, her candid song-writing is given a new breath of life. Off-kilter and observant, we follow Hazel and her love interest – a dazzling pair – eating ice cream, toying with flirtation and exploring Chinatown. Fuelling our Hazel English / Jackson Phillips film desires even further.

Capturing summertime melancholy, and the rush of young love and its cinnamon edge, Hazel English may just be able to soundtrack this summer’s crush.

Get Volume #17 here.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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