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Our heart is shattered by the beauty of Charli XCX’s new video for ‘Boys’

The blushed and hushed pink tones of Charli xcx’s new video for ‘Boys’ is so beautiful I could cry.

Directed by Charli xcx and Sarah McColgan, the video has had over 1.5 million views since it was released yesterday evening. Well I suppose, boys just want to have fun too.

In a hazy daydream of boys with six packs and a long fringe, Charli xcx sings about getting distracted by her primal instincts. She’s forgotten about her plans, cause she’s been procrastinating thinking about boys. “I’m sorry that I missed your party / I wish I had a better excuse like I had to trash a hotel lobby / I was busy thinking about boys boys boys / I was busy dreaming about boys boys boys / Head is spinning thinking about boys”.

I mean, guilty, I’m sure we’ve all been there. And it’s hard not to get distracted when the boys Charli is thinking about are some of the music industry’s’ hottest. Amongst her dazzling vocals, video game background beeps and synth-y rhythm, charli gets what she wants.

Charli told BBC Radio 1, “It started with me listening to the song in the car and I was thinking about Joe Jonas being really sexy eating food…” As you do. She said how the boys are “basically just doing all the sexy things that girls usually do in videos. I want to flip the male gaze on its head and [all the boys] were all super down and got right on board.”

Not only has she conjured up this concept, but she’s brought it to life through her directing. In the track, Charli softly sings “I want ’em all” – and she got ’em. She’s even got Joe Jonas eating stacks of pancakes. Behind all the pink fluffiness Charli has created, there is a stronger meaning behind it, and once again she’s proven to be a princess of pop.

The video has Oli Sykes laying on a selection of fluffy cushions, Wiz Khalifa makes it rain pink money and Diplo cuddles armfuls of puppies – I’m trying to decide whether I’d rather be Diplo or the puppies in this situation. Jack Antonoff is pumping iron, Tom Grennan is doing the washing up in pink marigolds and a matching silky pink bomber, whilst Mac DeMarco licks the neck of a guitar whilst starring directly into the camera – kinky.

Brendon Urie lays on a bed of red rose petals, Joe Jonas licks off his milk moustache and is dancing through dangling disco balls. Although I think if the video was just 2 mins 47 seconds of Stormzy eating cereal – I’d still dig it. Ly Stormzy.

“NO BOYS WERE HARMED MAKING THIS VIDEO” – but my heart was, shattered into a million by the beauty of Charli and this latest release.

Words by Eliza Frost

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