In defence of flares

Daisy Scott /
Jan 3, 2018 / Style

Cut some slack for flares.

They don’t get enough credit. Next time you go to say a bad word about them, think back to this article. This is a defence of flares.

Listen: nothing is worse than having to sit all day and feel the burn of your skinny jeans as they cut into the back of your knees. Nothing. You daydream about getting a spare ten minutes, just to take them off and cool down. They are uncomfortable and restricting.

The idea of a few inches around your ankle fills people with shame, and the thought; “what did we do before skinny jeans were cool?”. In the past few seasons we have seen fashion editors pushing the idea that it’s important to let your legs breathe. But, instead of jumping for the standard wide leg, I argue that it’s time to live our true Lizzie McGuire life and bring out those bell-bottoms. I’m talking flares, people.

Ellery’s signature bell-bottoms came in many colours and textures: leather, cropped, pinstripe or extravagantly flamenco-inspired. They have been made and they are waiting, with the average price-tag of £590 – although, as flares go, they are the most expensive. But they are the designer to head for the drama. The bottoms are the perfect accessory to make sure the cameras are always one you. If you want the drama, but without the punch to your purse, you can try Caitlin Price, who has recently begun stocking for her SS18 collection. They are the perfect parachute pants – and the perfect pair to wear for party-season, too.

Maria Grazia Chiuri made sure that high-fashion could get their hands on the flare fashion, with the opening look to their SS18 Dior runway opened with the perfect combined denim bell-bottoms. It isn’t just Dior that have their hands perfectly ready to distress denim. Miu Miu are back for their FW17 collections, hitting the nail on the head for the perfect flares. They have brought the ’70s back single-handedly, coming in at £760.

So before you get up in arms about flares, think of all those times that you have felt uncomfortable and take off your jeans at the end of the day, revealing the marks that have been left behind by your skinny jeans. Then maybe you will decide to invest.

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Words by Daisy Scott

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