Introducing: Puma Blue

Aaron Powell /
Sep 8, 2016 / Music

Once in a blue moon or rather in those rare occasions that several spherical objects of celestial proportions move into orbit thereby generating magnanimous spectacles of galactic beauty, a piece of art dilettantes every honest feeling an artist is trying to convey.

Even more rare is a song that combines that honesty with simplicity and creates something so paradoxically multilayered and complex that human emotion is not equipped to truly pinpoint the exact cause of such a marvel.

A prophetic event such as this calls upon a commentator to implore/solicit/beg to the general populace to take four minutes and thirty one seconds out of their teeming day to sit in a place of solitude and embrace beauty in the purest form of sonic melody.

Please listen to this song, I implore you, I beg you. Dream sweet dreams, support makers of melodious melodies.

Puma Blue ladies and gentlemen.

Words by Aaron Powell

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