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Daniel Eggleston /
Jun 30, 2018 / Style

To some this may be a little controversial but I’m going to come out and just say it: Dogs are man’s best friend. Actually, in the year of our Lord twenty-eighteen and as we’re firmly in the era of inclusivity, I’ll be as bold as to say that they are truly people’s best friend. Don’t @ me. Their benefits are infinite. They keep you fit and active. They reduce stress. And in the case of Joseph “Rocco” Rotondo’s dog, Clark, they become the inspiration for a new sustainable streetwear empire.

The story begins when Rocco discovered Clark at his local animal shelter in 2007. For his first year he’d been a stray and it wasn’t until Rocco brought him home that Clark got to learn the joys of becoming a family dog. That’s not to say it was a one way street. From Clark, Rocco learned to enjoy the outside world by exploring the vast world around them. Through their travels Rocco developed an understanding of “sustainability” and after briefly touching on the subject at university he endeavoured to learn more.

His voyage of discovery began at renewable energies and ended at sustainable clothing, when in 2015, Rocky Clark Clothing was created. The brand’s initial run was a relatively small one, with patches hand-sewn onto Hemp T-shirts and Hemp/Organic Cotton Baseball caps. Since then the brand has blossomed, with the release of their second collection pairing minimalist tees emblazoned with their bold Dog head logo and sustainable denim totes and shirts.

As the brand has continued to build on each prior success with every new release, Rocco has never forgotten Clark’s help. To pay him back for his unwavering doggy support, 3% of every sale goes to Animal Welfare to ensure that other animal fashionistas receive the same help Clark did. Saving the planet with couture and giving money to animals in need, proof that you can teach an old dog a new trick and all the evidence you need for why dogs are the best.

rocky clark

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Words by Daniel Eggleston

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