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Iranian photography comes to London for the first time

‘Photography is the mother of cinema.’ said the late Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami once. He should know a thing or two, about a thing or two, for Abbas Kiarostami’s sophisticated artistic legacy was the first the allowed us to truly catch a glimpse into the reality of those living in a country under strict political restrictions.

In this exhibition, you will be able to see twenty-three photographs by seven renowned, award-winning, film directors, cinematographers and documentary makers.

Crowning the gallery is the work of film director Jafar Pahani, who has started his career as Abbas Kiarostami assistant director. Jafar Panahi is widely recognised as one of the most influential filmmakers in Iran. Panahi made headlines recently as he was unable to attend the Cannes film festival after having been placed under house arrest and given a twenty-year ban on speaking to the media or directing any films. In spite of this, the director has managed to secretly shoot several films, including Closed Curtain which was smuggled to Cannes in a USB drive hidden inside a cake.

According to Ava Moradi, director of CAMA gallery, this composite photograph pays homage to Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose story made global headlines after he drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Jafar Panahi ‘Sea, in the memory of Alan, the Kurdish child who never reached the destination’

Amongst the gallery’s notable works of art, you will find Majid Barzegar’s high contrast black and white triplic ‘ Winter’, depicting the stark,  lonesomeness of winter and Hamid Jebeli’s puzzling portraits.

Time Lapse will be on display at CAMA London from 7th – 20th of September 2018. London: 19 Dacre Street, London, SW1H 0DJ

Words by Catarina Ramalho

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