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Isle of Wight Festival: Who To See, Where To See Them

This weekend we head to The Isle of Wight to soak up the sun, the sea and some of the best acts the world over.

First started in the 60s as a counterculture event for trustifarians and semi naked hippies, the Isle of Wight Festival has become a symbolic of summer time debauchery and new music exploration.

This year is no different. Old school acts like Rod Stewart and Texas share the stage with bright faced new comers like The Vamps and George Ezra creating an atmosphere of paradoxical nostalgia, while also remaining culturally and musically relevant – a hard feat by any standards but a challenge that the festival organisers continue to rise to.

At tmrw we are both proud champions of new music and celebrators of the great and the good so the Isle of Wight seemed like a perfect location for us to make merry with local populace, bob rhythmically to a genre defying range of troubadours and haircuts and ultimately explore the essence of the festival.

With over 10 stages to choose from, the challenge of time management is a hard one but after a number of fierce debates, plant pot throwing and temper tantrums we’ve focussed on some of the best artists to check out this weekend.

Razorlight and Star Sailor (they’re still alive!?) grace the Big Top stage on Friday so be prepared for drunken wailing and slurred sing alongs. Over on the main arena, Saturday seems to be the day with The Kooks, the greatest band of noughties, rubbing shoulders with Arcade Fire who’s members are too numerous to count. Sunday the return of Rod Stewart who, I am sure, knows the location of the Fountain of Youth will be warbling into the night whilst Bastille and Scouting For Girls soothe tender hearts with their unintrusive, mildly uninteresting songs about not getting laid and going bowling.

The future belongs to the young and that is exactly the ethos the Jack Daniels with This Feeling stage embodies. Sonic wizards Superfood, recently born again, will be co headlining alongside The Wytches with exciting new comers Black Waters and Trampolene who, I am sure, are set  to “get the crowd going”.

Jovial premonitions of the impending festivities may change on Saturday morning when I’m cold and tired and my ears hurt but for now, we’re all positively jumping for joy at the prospect of spending four days on the Isle of Wight, dancing badly and behaving in a calm and respectful manner.


Words by Aaron Powell

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