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Get yourself a jar of Jackpot Motherf***ing Peanut Butter

Rummage through the kitchen cupboards of any London punk rocker worth their salted peanuts and you’ll be sure to find a jar of Jackpot Motherf***ing Peanut Butter.

Not quite crunchy, not quite smooth, “creamy” Jackpot Motherf***ing Peanut Butter has its nutty roots in fashion rather than food, with a firm nod to pop art, MAD Magazine and 90s cult-classic films (yes, that is a reference to Gremlins 2 on the front of the jar). Nostalgic its references may be, but its modernity comes from a unique take on the new wave of additive-free peanut butters spreading their way onto the shelves of health food shops and supermarkets. Using only salted peanuts (which have been double-roasted for precisely 11 minutes) and rapeseed oil, this peanut butter is hand-churned in its own East London kitchen. It’s currently sold in independent coffee shops and café bars across the capital, as well as online alongside other APN fashion merch, including the T-shirt that inspired it.

Founders Rupert Leigh, David Ridings and Richard Smith, all with music industry backgrounds, have used Jackpot to sign a deal with the Music Venues Trust – an organisation that defends independent music venues from the gentrification fiends who want their fingers in every peanut butter pie going.

If you like your peanut butter with a side of rock’n’roll, Jackpot’s the perfect choice. Its distinctive red, white and blue labelling hints strongly at the influence of MAD Magazine and despite being made in London, it’s got that all-American vibe about it; albeit a subversive one. Standing out from the crowd is what this peanut butter does best and its “punk rock, anti-establishment attitude” means you won’t forget it in a hurry.

Jackpot’s founders say you don’t need to get all the cultural references, but it certainly adds to the flavour if you do. Its claim that once you go Jack, you’ll never go back is one you’ll need to test for yourself. But do it quickly, because there’s no telling when this motherf***ing jar of gold will go mainstream…the PG version of course.

Visit the Jackpot website or follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Words by Sarah Guershon

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