Josh Jacobson talks through his soul-cleansing EP ‘First Light’

Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 29, 2017 / Music

Josh Jacobson and his piano are a force to be reckoned with.

They grew up together, and accompanied by his keys, Josh learned from musical legends. The lessons from the greats, like Stevie Wonder and Bach, have seeped their way into his EP, First Light, and have been given a new and exciting electronic soundscape to explore.

With a vocal, smooth and assured, Josh’s tracks elevate effortlessly, honey infused with an RnB edge. Beats and live instrumentals blend into one stratospheric sound; ranging from glistening, tender moments to classic jazz free energy, and thunderous urgency.

Every element of this EP merges into one, each song connected and working together for a complete divine listening experience. A representation of the life-cycle of self-healing after being hurt, the heartfelt words of Josh Jacobson can be felt in the bones and comforted by the gentle haven of each introspective track. First Light takes you on a voyage of soul-cleansing and arms with a new perspective.

He talks us through each track.


“A song about coming down from something that made you feel whole for time, and still feeling like that experience or relationship is a part of you. Trumpet parts by the amazing Kyla Moscovich. She’s out on tour with Macklemore right now!”


“A snapshot of searching for meaning in the midst of fleeting experiences. This is one of my favourite songs to play out because it has a tonne of energy and I get to lay into that rowdy Moog bass on the chorus.”


“A song about empathy, connecting with the idea that we’re all flawed in our own ways and sometimes need to be alone to grow in the most important ways. Here’s a sense of shared experience in the fact that we’re all just here trying to figure things out.”

‘I Need You’

“This song is one of my favourites on the EP because it it leaves space to really connect with the emotion in the sounds themselves. I was an instrumentalist for many years before I started singing, so I enjoy making songs like this that share equal focus between the vocal and the instrumental. This song is about the experience of diving into something new and feeling ready to grow in new directions. Featuring violin by Meredith Riley. This song also pairs harmonically with ‘Return’, closing the loop in the song cycle formed by these five tracks together. Each song on this EP has a slightly different sound, and that’s intentional since a lot of how I communicate is through sounds and instruments rather than just lyrics. I like how these last two have a bit of a different feel than the other three vocal-oriented singles.”


“The real broader message of the EP, taking a step back and leaving space for a return to balance and awareness. I recorded this one in a beautiful and meditative place, on a grand piano in my hometown, Ithaca NY.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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