the journey of ICARUS… so far

Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 16, 2017 / Music

Bristolian brothers, Ian and Tom Griffiths could be considered as adventurers of the DJ and production world.

Crafting as Icarus, the duo craft otherworldly soundscapes that are fully open for exploration. Sonic, ambient and emotive, layer upon smooth layer, each track is truly eclectic and spins a life of its very own. Able to switch styles effortlessly within an instant; from a high energy rush to an ethereal tender soother, it is the cinematic elegance that makes each instantly associated to the pair.

They fly high, taking each track to another level and immersing themselves fully into each record, before setting them free.

This is their journey, so far.

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“We got introduced to music at a pretty young age. Our Mum used to play the piano in our living room when we were small, and whilst staying at our Auntie’s one summer, our cousin introduced us to Michael Jackson’s music. He was, and continues to be a big inspiration to us. We used to listen to MJ tapes on our Walkmans.”

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“We took up instruments in our teenage years. Ian played Guitar and Tom on Bass. We played in a lot of different originals and covers bands with our mates, and performed at parties in people’s houses, garages, fields, wherever! We used to play rock, punk, hardcore and funk. Thinking back, it was a great introduction to performing live.”

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“We both discovered DJing when we were legally old enough to start going to clubs, although we used to go to illegal raves in our early teens! Tom moved in with three DJs when he went to study music at the age of 18 and quickly caught the vinyl bug. We both used to sit on the Red Eye Records website waiting for new promos to be released every Friday, hoping to bag something exclusive. Quite a lot of our student loans went on vinyl!”

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“When we’d both moved out of home, our first proper band together was a live drum and bass band. We used to practice on the top floor of an old warehouse in Edmonton, in London. The manager of the band used to run a pirate radio station from there, so there were always DJs and MCs passing through the building. It was a pretty buzzing environment!”

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“This was backstage at our first gig abroad, in Holland. We can’t remember where exactly this club was, but it was a fun show. We ended up having a lock in with the crew afterwards and we slept on the promoter’s floor that night!”

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“We started producing music together once we’d finished our degrees and we’ve had a few alias’s over the years. We’ve been lucky enough to have a steady progression in music and we’ve got to play in some great clubs, which sadly aren’t here anymore. This shot is from Cable years ago.”

the journey of ICARUS... so far

“We’ve been Icarus for 4.5 years now. That time has flown! This year has been the biggest one yet and we’re fortunate to have DJ’d in quite a few different countries including Ibiza, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and of course, The U.K. This shot is from our last festival of the season – Abode in Finsbury Park, London.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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