Just like the movies: Looking to film’s most fashionable for autumn

Daisy Scott /
Oct 12, 2017 / Style

Film and television characters are always providing inspiration for designers for new collections.

Take, for instance, Louis Vuitton using all-conquering ’80s sci-fi Stranger Things for their newest collection, or way back in AW14 when Wes Andersons’, Grand Budapest Hotel provided inspiration for Anna Sui’s collection. What characters in films wear can have an effect on those who watch it – after all, you can tell who watches Tarantino and who’s more of a Sofia Coppola fan. On-screen characters can provide an onset of trends, and can have an impact through the fashion industry. As we hit AW17, here are some of our favourites that we think could inspire some bold looks for the new season.



The Lost Boys: Biker Jackets

They were the first inkling to ‘Bad Boy’ style after James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. The vampiric adolescents of 1987’s The Lost Boys perfected the characteristics of Punk Biker Bad Boys – 30 years later and their Biker Jackets to this day are still doing the rounds. Whether you decide to add the patches or not, or listen to The Doors in your jacket, it is the ultimate piece that expels the idea of ‘cool’. They are, simply, a forever piece in the wardrobe, alike many of The Lost Boys’ unfortunate victims. The more you wear them the better they begin to look.

Casablanca: Trench Coat

Here’s looking at you, kid”. If you haven’t already got your Humphrey Bogart trench coat out for the autumn mornings, then what are you doing? You can’t really go an autumn without seeing the Trench Coat revitalised by the high-street. The iconic key piece to the winter wardrobe – you only have to look at the impact that the Burberry coat has had on the industry. It is the perfect investment piece as it is so timeless, but can be rejuvenated each year to match the trends of the season. Good luck wearing it as well as Rick Blaine.


Just like the movies: Looking to film's most fashionable for autumn

The Royal Tenenbaums: The fur

Wes Anderson has the ability to create the ultimate fashionable character, whatever the era and whatever the circumstance. His characters become iconic through their use of colour and combination – Margot Tenenbaum is the perfect example. Thanks to The Royal Tenenbaums, her character that has become synonymous with the long fur coat. Much like Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance, a good fur gets better upon each new viewing. Whether trends in fur change texture or hue, the fur coat is a staple to the winter wardrobe.

Clueless – Skirt Suits

Clueless has always been a film that championed 80’s style. Throwback three years ago to the cult-music video by Iggy Azalea and you will see how Cher has kept us obsessed with her suiting style. Eighties fashion can be seen everywhere on the catwalks this season, you only have to take a look at anything by Saint Laurent to prove it. You can’t escape the balloon sleeves and shoulder pads, but what Cher rocked the most was her skirt suits – and they are what we find ourselves pining for the most. As if!

Just like the movies: Looking to film's most fashionable for autumn

Oliver Twist: Baker Boy Hat

Yes, the Baker Boy Hat. Before this autumn, it was something that just reminded us of Oliver Twist and that pauper style. However, the Baker Boy Hat has led us to beg the question, Please Sir, can I have some more?”. Worn in the correct way, you may forge the style of Francoise Hardy, worn wrong you may look like a Newsboy. Prada and Isabel Marant were championing the Baker Boy Hat last year, and now cue to the caps. We are interested – and we certainly want more.

Kill Bill – Tracksuits and Trainers

The Bride (Kiddo to her friends), could be transported into the modern day real-world and she would be an influencer – albeit a slightly vengeful, murdery one. Either way, the matching tracksuit and trainers combination would make her an instant hint online. She’d would probably become a go-to for Vêtements, or Gosha Rubchinskiy with her championing of street-level athleisure.

Just like the movies: Looking to film's most fashionable for autumn


Words by Daisy Scott

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