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Dream pop disciple, KLOE shares pure and playful ‘UDSM’

According to Nylon, Scottish pop prodigy KLOE is, and I quote: ‘basically the coolest teen on the planet’.

From research (Googling it), I have discovered that there are around 840 million teenagers currently residing on planet earth, give or take 30-40 million or so (please don’t use this in your dissertation). Therefore, taking both the initial statement and the [precarious at best] statistic I managed to come up with, it can be concluded that people tend to think that KLOE is pretty damn cool. Listening to her new single, UDSM, they’re not wrong.

KLOE, real name Chloe Latimer, is a post-Grimes dream pop disciple. Occupying the same creative space as the aforementioned, as well as artists such as MØ, Chvrches and Lorde, the 19 year old Glaswegian is a sprightly force, with a sharp tongue to match.

You don’t care and you don’t see because I’ve heard that you’ve been fucking that girl Emily’ she quips in the track’s opening verse, before heading into a hook that captures the brutalism of boozed-up heartbreak:

I’m standing right in front of you and I’m watching everything you do / you don’t see me, you don’t see me’.

The song is pure, playful pop music, but with a messiness that helps set KLOE apart from her contemporaries. She appears unashamedly chaotic, revelling in the misdemeanours of youthful hedonism. You can’t help but feel that her following, ever-growing, might develop to cult-like.

UDSM is joyously of its moment, whilst KLOE seems to exist even further ahead. There’s a lot more to come from this post-digital songstress, who has her eyes firmly set on the forthcoming.

Words by Niall Flynn

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