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Kudu Blue talk us through their debut EP ‘Shaded’

Kudu Blue are casting a darkness across RnB.

Their debut EP, Shaded, demonstrates the light and dark that we find in everything. Warping classic RnB rhythms into twisted movements, and specking them with sensuous synth, you discover a new layer with every listen.

Sonic soundscapes allow you to delve in and explore throbbing bass, pulsing beats and ride a vocal roller-coaster that streams glittered melodies.

Toying with intricacy, and flirting with distortion, the three tracks blend together in their shared heart. They each have a shimmering soul.

The band talked us through each track, and the story behind it.

Sugar Lemz

“With ‘Sugar Lemz’ we wanted to make a chilled track that you could put on in the early hours when you’ve had a heavy night. We played around with lots of different production ideas for a while until we came to the finished track and were satisfied with it. Part of the melody and lyrics came from an idea that Clem originally wrote on piano a year or two ago and they were brought in to it.

‘Sugar Lemz’ came about after a late night jam around a computer with a few beers and smokes we came up with the chords for it the just messed around with loads of different ideas. The chords that you hear in the track are actually made up of singing an ‘ooh’ then pitching in to the notes we wanted. It’s probably our favourite from this EP.”

Drink Alone

“‘Drink Alone’ was written over two years ago and we’ve been playing it our set for a good while. The inspiration for the lyrics came when Clem was working in a pub in Brighton.

We often used to have a drink during our shift, one day I didn’t feel like it the girl I was working with said “please don’t make me drink alone” it stuck in my head I thought it could be a good song premise so I wrote it down then had a drink. It’s always gone down well as a live track. The sample in the chorus is from a kora that Tom and Owen recorded for some work they were doing. It gives the chorus a little something different.”

“We wrote this in out rehearsal studios in Brighton one night. It was one of those times where the track just seemed to come together naturally, we had all the lights turned off and set the vibe then just jammed out. I think that atmosphere comes out in this, it’s a bit darker and moodier. But the lift in the end shifts it, and is always a pleaser live.”

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Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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