Putting style back: LAMY pens

Daniel Eggleston /
Nov 14, 2017 / Culture

Pens are useful things to have.

In a world that is stepping closer and closer to a Black Mirror version of dystopian digitalisation by the day, where the screen rules all and everything is saved to the Cloud, it could be said that the need for a pen is dying out. But that is wrong. As long as there’s paper, they will have a place. Unfortunately, where that place exactly is can be hard to pin down, as they always seem to go missing when you need them the most.

But that’s where the good pen comes in. Everyone needs a good pen. One that’s used for important documents as well as random jottings. You know where the good pen is kept and you cherish your time with it. If you’re looking for a good pen, there’s only one we like especially: LAMY.

LAMY understand that with the decline in regular pen usage, choosing the right one becomes even more important. That’s why they ensure the pens they develop are aesthetically pleasing without compromising functionality on the page – it’s a perfect amalgamation of style and substance. They understand this, and have perfected it accordingly.

Putting style back: LAMY pens

Putting style back: LAMY pens

Since the foundation of the company in 1930, they’ve been game-changers in the world of pen production. In 1966, they cemented their place among the best with the release of their Bauhaus inspired LAMY 2000. Designed specifically for comfort with its characteristic cigar shape and finished with a sleek design that seamlessly transitions between polycarbonate and stainless steel, it’s a pen for the ages and is still being sold to this day.

After the success of this ‘66 pairing with designer Gerd A. Müller, LAMY has continued to team up with internationally renowned designers including Franco Clivio (LAMY pico and LAMY dialog 3), Naoto Fukasawa (LAMY noto), Mario Bellini (LAMY imporium) and Jasper Morrison (LAMY aion). With such a high standard to uphold a lot of time and research is put into finding their next collaborators. When a new designer is added to the LAMY roster they make sure their philosophies are completely compatible, ensuring that each new release has the same signature classic cool appeal without being seen as “just another LAMY pen” (this is more impressive when you find out they’re producing 8 million of them a year).

Through their tireless dedication to innovation they have finally done what was at one point considered impossible: they turned the humble pen into a must have fashion accessory. They’ve walked their own path, never diverting to jump on the newest stylistic trend. You can usually do that when you’re the one setting the trends.

With pens that are always on point (pun entirely intended) LAMY have positioned themselves as the King of the good pen.

Putting style back: LAMY pens

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Words by Daniel Eggleston

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