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Let Her’s take you to prom with latest offering ‘I’ll Try’

Rooting themselves in the cobbled streets of Liverpool, Her’s deliver yet another exquisite gem. It’s clear the old English city has taken its toll on the duo. With Norwegian and Barrow heritage, something in the Liverpudlian waters seems to be doing the trick.

A sharp drumbeat introduces Her’s latest offering ‘I’ll Try’. With a touch of soothing instrumentation, twinkling guitars and raspy vocals, ‘I’ll Try’ is a comfort blanket. Gentle tones wrap themselves around mesmerising production.

A French speaking voice flutters in, in the second half of the track. The arms that sat comfortably around your shoulders squeeze tighter as transfixing dulcet vocals are whispered into your ear. 

There’s something really romantic about ‘I’ll Try’. Its delicate lyricism and its slacker pop sound are straight out of an 80’s American high school movie. Picture a young male adolescent as he heads off to his school prom, alone, as his high school crush ditched him for the schools football captain. A lonely male lead sobs as the last dance takes place. After finally realising what a jerk, said football captain is, the admired female sees the lonely sobbing male over by the cheap buffet. Confidently she strides over to him, takes his hand and they dance hand in hand as the screen fades to black.

There’s a similarity to the sound of ‘I’ll Try’, one that could be compared to Mac DeMarco or even The Smiths.  ‘I was stressing, head screwed on too tight’ is just a small example of the alluring lyrics that float amongst calming instrumentals. 

With yet another incredible track under their belt, it’s pretty obvious that their forthcoming debut (12th May), shall be an utter delight.

With a track list made up of popular singles ‘Speed Racer’ and ‘Marcel’, plus five new tracks, Songs Of Her’s shall be a document of their career so far.

Let Her’s career live long and prosper.

Words by Lewis Smart

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